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DanceAbility Teacher Certification Course

Start Date: Fri 27th December 2013
End Date: Sat 21st June 2014
Location: Padua, Italy

The next DanceAbility Teacher Certification Course will be held in Padua, Italy, from December 27th,2013 to Jan 5th, 2014 and June 8th to June 21st, 2014.

More than 300 people with and without disabilities have attended DanceAbility Teacher Certification courses in various countries since 1996. Teachers trained in DanceAbility have continued to develop and expand inclusive dance communities around the world. The Teacher Certification course consists of four weeks of full-time study.

DanceAbility Teacher Certification is for people who want to teach integrated groups in movement arts, or learn a model for facilitating communities that foster inclusive participation. We cover well-defined methods and techniques for teaching, but there is not a stagnant set of rules. There are ever-changing approaches to designing creative movement practices that allow anybody and everybody’s movement to emerge, thereby facilitating individual and group expression.

The Certification courses emphasize how to work with mixed-ability groups, how to adapt teaching style to any given participants, how to work with various sizes of groups, and how to present performance.

Booking & Contact Information:

Booking Information:
Please visit the DanceAbility International website
Website: http://www.danceability.com/teacher.php

Extra Information:

What it is: Training course
What it is about: Creative practice, Teaching dance
Working with: Disabled people
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