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Dance, Health and Wellbeing

The benefits of dance to a person's health and wellbeing have been recognised within community dance for many years. These pages are a growing and developing knowledge bank for you about many aspects of dance and the contribution it makes to health education, health care, teaching new ways to live, managing illness, and community development.

In the light of the increased interest and profile of dance approaches to supporting people with Parkinson's and dementia, we have included specific sections that recognise the growing interest in these fields. It is our intention as work in other clinical areas is developed to profile those areas as well.

A brand new online learning programme

People Dancing and Dance for PD® have, with the assistance of the Dance for Parkinson’s Network UK, created an online learning programme designed to help dance practitioners gain some of the background knowledge needed before embarking on practical learning associated with the safe delivery of dance sessions for people with Parkinson's.

Comprised of eight units, the course gives learners essential information about Dance for Parkinson’s core principles, the medical condition, and the effects of symptoms and medication on dance class participants. It provides specific, expert guidance on conducting a risk assessment, cultivating safe practice, establishing inclusive class structure and design, incorporating adaptations and embodying effective teaching techniques. The interactive programme includes video clips and research reports, plus text and audio resources, making it engaging and fun to do.

"You have put a lot of effort into the online training. It is amazing - I just incorporated a few fresh ideas and concepts into my next class!"
Homer, Alaska, USA


Supporting the development of a network

The Dance for Parkinson’s Network UK is a national organisation that supports dance practitioners who work with people with Parkinson’s and their friends. People Dancing is now supporting the Network in relation to the development of the Network’s Membership, training and continuing professional development (CPD) processes.


Researching Dance for Parkinson’s

The National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE) supports universities create research that has relevance to society through engaging with the general public. It supports the development of high quality public engagement work that has impact. Its annual national competition showcases the best public engagement projects that have been produced by universities. The University of Roehampton's research on dance for Parkinson's was named as a Finalist for its excellence in engaging with the Dance for Parkinson's Network UK, people with Parkinson's and other stakeholders. The competition saw over 230 entries. You may read about the research on:

Dance and Parkinson's film

Since People Dancing and Dance for Parkinson's UK Network won the regional Talk Talk Digital Heroes award to develop an online learning programme, Talk Talk have made this inspiring film to shine a little more light on this great work and how it benefits those with Parkinson's
Watch on YouTube >>

Animated magazine library

The online Animated library contains articles relating to dance, health and wellbeing published in Animated magazine from 1996 to the present day. It's fully searchable and it's completely free to access.
Visit the archive now >>

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