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Contributor Online Submission Form
This form can be completed online here but cannot be saved during completion and returned to. Once a submission is made, it cannot be edited and would require re-submission if changes or additions were required. 

The form is also available to download as a Microsoft Word document. If completed offline in Microsoft Word, it should be submitted by email as detailed in the Contributor Submission Information.
Completing the Contributor Submission Form
This page explains the requirements of each form field on the Contributor Submission form. The form can be completed online, or downloaded and submitted by email. If you have any queries on how to complete the form correctly, please contact

Summary Title of Submission
This should encapsulate the essence of the work around this submission. It can be the title as you currently know it, or adapted to allow us a greater understanding before reading more detail.

Short Description
A summary or introduction paragraph of no more than 150 words. Consider the origination, content and aims or future plans of the work.

Long Description
A structured series of paragraphs and / or bullet points to allow us to gain an overview of the work with each of its areas detailed. If necessary, refer to where further detail on any of the areas can be obtained within any supporting information documents you have provided. Explain why presenting this submission at People Dancing is important for individuals and organisations across the world to be aware of and what the benefits may be to others and you as the contributor(s). 

Subject Area, Themes and Keywords

Include any commonly known areas, themes or keywords – separating them with commas, to allow us to see the nature of your work and how we may balance it with other submissions. We have provided a list of suggestions in these Contributor Guidance Notes but they are not exhaustive or limiting.

If additional documents are provided with this submission, please provide details
Provide the file names and a one-sentence summary of the content of any additional supporting documents you have provided. This allows us to see what else there is to review and to find particular pieces of information more quickly. Files exceeding 10MB in total will not be accepted and all files should be attached to one email along with the Contributor Submission Form. Any files sent separately or additionally may not be accepted.

Honorific, Title(s) of Contributor
Where relevant or normally used, please provide any honour titles or academic prefix or suffixes to contributor names.

First Name of Contributor
The first name that the individual is usually referred to and commonly known by. If this is not as you wish to be referred to by us or in public materials relating to People Dancing, please provide the alternative in brackets ().

Surname of Contributor
The last name that the individual is usually referred to and commonly known by. If this is not as you wish to be referred to by us or in public materials relating to People Dancing, please provide the alternative in brackets ().

Email Address of Contributor
Ensure this is correctly written and is the primary account that will be checked and responded to for all communication relating to this submission and People Dancing.


If you are an independent practitioner or are making a submission that is not part of or related to any employed roles or organisation, you may leave this field blank. If you are representing an organisation, attending on the basis of an employed role or relationship with an organisation, please provide it here. Provide more information on the organisational context in relation to you and / or the submission where necessary.

Address – Street, City, Province / Area / Province, Country, Postal / Zip Code
Provide a full postal address, including all of the items listed. 

Co-Contributors, Authorship and Ownership
Please provide full contextual information regarding other co-contributors to the work, making clear whether these individuals will attend to deliver the submission. In addition, provide detail on the authorship and ownership of the work or parts of it that are referenced or parts that will be included in the delivery of the session at People Dancing. By completing the Contributor Submission Form and providing this information, you confirm that you are responsible for sourcing all necessary legal and good practice permissions for all areas of the work.

Additional Contributor Details
Provide additional personal information for co-contributors following the same guidance notes as for the primary contributor above.