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Animated Edition - Summer 2004
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Focus on: diversity and inclusion
This issue of Animated has a focus on cultural diversity. However, the more we looked at the issues and the practice(s) the more we realised how complex an area it is to encapsulate into one issue of the magazine. Artists, managers, audiences and those who fund the work operate in an ever-changing landscape of values, prescriptions, practices and solutions.

Embedded within the current debates and reflected by the writers for this issue are questions about individual, cultural and national identities, inclusion and exclusion, history and politics, and art and aesthetics. Importantly however, we wanted to celebrate some of the positive endeavours being made in different places and contexts, by different people, different scales of organisations and with different participants and audiences across the UK, sure in the knowledge that these are not the end of the story but clear that they are steps forward on... Read more

In this issue
From the editor
Ken Bartlett, Director, Foundation for Community Dance
Critical faculties
Soul Dad Donald Hutera asks who you'd choose as your choreographic parents?
Be nimble... Some reflections on accessibility
Fergus Early artistic director of Green Candle Dance Company, describes how his eclectic mix of form reaches new audiences
The focus: diversity and inclusion
The politics of inclusion
The face of cultural diversity has changed but brought with it new and more fundamental challenges. Naseem Khan - writer and policy advisor - pinpoints some of them
The culture of diversity
Deborah Williams reports on her research into the needs of culturally diverse disabled artists, asks important questions that still need to be addressed and encourages us to ask them
Urban myths - a rumble in the jungle
Amanda Roberts describes Urban Myths a rolling three-year development programme, which seeks to harness the incredibly strong influence urban culture has on contemporary culture
Blooming Bollywood
Reena Tailor and Skinder Hundal describe the development of the Bollywood Dance Academy in Birmingham
Engaging with all our elders: Hamaray khawab/Our Dreams
Chris Sudworth on Hamaray Khawab/Our Dreams, an innovative participatory arts project for South Asian people over 50, living in Bolton
Safahr: a voyage - developing diverse audiences with parents and schools
Rachel Carter uncovers some unexpected learning about developing diverse audiences in their partnership with Birmingham Royal Ballet and local schools
Off kilter
Lucy Mason and Morag Deyes describe their expanding journey into the cultural mosaic that is dance in Scotland
Breakin' Convention
Alistair Spalding the artistic director of Sadler's Wells in conversation with JonziD the curator of Breakin' Convention Festival of Hip Hop dance Theatre
Welsh through the medium of dance
Overcoming exclusion from community dance for welsh speakers, Jen Angharad reveals the importance of Welsh language dance provision in Wales
Invisible identity? Invisible voice?
Independent dance artist Brenda Edwards reflects on her experiences over the last twenty years and raises important questions for the future
Going places
Matthew Jones and Paul Zetter describe the work undertaken by the David Glass Ensemble over the past seven years to support a community dance initiative in Vietnam
Policy and politics
Introducing Youth Dance England - connecting young people and dance
Linda Jasper the director of Youth Dance England outlines the remit of the organisation and the issues she hopes it will address in the coming months