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Animated Edition - Summer 2005
From the editor
Guest editor Donald Hutera
As a journalist I enjoy the attempt to find and employ an accuracy of language. In that spirit, I've just turned to my well-thumbed triple-volume Reader's Digest Great Encyclopaedic Dictionary. Therein health is defined as 'n. Soundness of body, mind, etc.; that condition in which functions of body and mind are duly discharged.'

Interesting. But I wonder, can health be passed around like a gift, or spread about like fertiliser? Is it wisdom? And could a fraction of it, with good luck plus a lot of effort,possibly be sprinkled across the pages of a magazine?

As guest editor of Animated, I've come to realise that amongst the kinds of writing I value most are honest opinions or experiences expressed with passion and clarity. I trust you'll find at least some of that here.

This edition of the magazine continues investigating the multiple meanings and implications of health and wellbeing, and their influence on the ways we choose to conduct our work and our lives. Unsurprisingly, the writers we've recruited view these entwined subjects from multiple angles. A few of their stories stem from a deeply personal source. Some start from the body, while others deal with external issues. Some think of health in terms of healthy partnerships,healthy practice or sexually healthy habits. Others find particular forms of well-being in hospital settings, meeting-rooms,classrooms and workshops, intensive retreats and theatrical spaces of all shapes and sizes.

In one way or another, all of our summer authors have learned directly that healthy circumstances promote well-being, energy, recovery and renewal. They know it in their bones. And because many have also been trained to sense health - or its absence - in themselves and others, they're that much more aware of how to help create the kind of circumstances where well-being might materialise and thrive.

As I'm writing this, I feel I ought to look up the words well-being. The book says: 'Happy, healthy or prosperous condition, moral or physical welfare.' And while I'm at it, what about that simple, four-letter word,well? Well...: 'adj. In good health; in satisfactory state or position; right and proper. 'And that's not all: 'adv. 1. In good manner or style. 2. Thoroughly, carefully, completely, sufficiently; to a considerable distance, degree or extent, quite. 3. Heartily, kindly, approvingly, laudatorily, on good terms. 4. Probably, easily, with reason, wisely, advisably.'

Quite, indeed. Thank you, Reader's Digest. And thank you, readers, in advance. I sincerely hope you'll find plenty to digest.

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