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People Dancing Summer School 2018. Photo: Rachel Cherry.
People Dancing Summer School 2019
22 July 2019 - 26 July 2019
This was the 11th People Dancing Summer School held at De Montfort University, Leicester. There were 12 courses and you could apply for a day, for a series of courses or for the whole week, selecting the strands of greatest interest and potential value to your practice. There were also a range of free morning technique classes and one-to-one surgeries offering practice development advice.


  • Monday 22 July: Creating a dance performance in a day, led by Vicki Igbokwe. Using choreographic devices and selection techniques to craft a dance performance from material contributed by course participants
  • Monday 22 July: Introduction to dance with older people, led by Diane Amans. Introductory course for dancers, activity leaders and other practitioners who want to gain skills, knowledge and experience in leading dance activities with older people
  • Tuesday 23 July: Improving your teaching skills for community dance practice, led by Geraldine Hurl. Devised in response to practitioners' feedback and aims to refresh practitioners teaching skills in order to make teaching in any community context easier and more effective
  • Tuesday 23 July: Dance and stroke, led by Lucinda Jarrett. The belief is that in giving people the confidence to perform they gain the skills to lead an independent life which transforms audience perceptions and changes the stigma of illness and disability
  • Tuesday 23 July: Exploring improvisation, led by Vanessa Grasse. You will explore how improvisation enables us to tune to ourselves, read, relate and respond to others and an environment as a means of developing  movement content  
  • Wednesday 24 July: Refreshing your creative practice, led by Rosemary Lee. The course will encourage you to re imagine and experience the qualities of your own dancing, exploring how we sense and describe these and how we can draw out qualitative movement in our participants
  • Wednesday 24 July: How different bodies enhance creativity: working with translation in dance, led by Laura Jones from Stopgap Dance Company. This practical course so that participants can explore the processes of creating dance material that builds on the unique possibilities that come from working in collaboration with disabled and non-disabled dancers
  • Wednesday 24 - Thursday 25 July: Leading dance for Early Years, led by Liz Clark. For dancers and other practitioners who want to gain skills, knowledge and experience in leading dance activities with Early Years children (aged 4 years and under)
  • Thursday 25 July: Co-leading: disabled and non-disabled dancers leading together, led by Laura Jones and Chris Pavia from Stopgap Dance Company. Explore the ways in which disabled and non-disabled dance leaders can establish equal working partnerships that build on the strengths of both partners in order to deliver co-led dance sessions
  • Thursday 25 July: Advanced course: Leading improvisation for people with Parkinson's, led by Clint Lutes. Explore the use of improvisation as a tool to empower people with Parkinson’s to make creative choices and contribute to the development of dance as a performance artform
  • Friday 26 July: Introduction to dance and mental health, led by Carly Annable-Coop. This course is aimed at dance artists who wish to develop their skills and knowledge of delivering dance with people who are experiencing mental ill health
  • Friday 26 July: Teaching dance in primary schools, led by Claire Pring. Aimed at community dance practitioners who are interested in developing their practice to teach within primary school settings, either as part of the general curriculum delivery, or in the provision of after-school activities.
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