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Job Opportunities
Thrive Dance
Thrive Dance Auditions
Location: London
Salary: Fees are dependent on role but are ITC rates or above.
Deadline: 26 January 2024
Interview Date: 7 February 2024
We are looking to fill several roles, some to learn existing work that is being rehearsed for performances in 2024 and others which will undergo R&D in 2024.

Rehearsals and Performances: £150 day rate

Tech Rehearsals/Travel Days: £75 per ½ day

Per Diems: £31 per day when travelling

Teaching: £40 per hour

Job Description:

We will ideally be casting one or two people who can take on multiple roles so if you fit the criteria for more than one role we really want to hear from you (and please make this known in your application).

- 1 female-identifying dancer to take on a role in our existing work 'Half Sewn' which is being performed on 9th March 2024 at Déda, Derby

Must have strong partnering skills, be able to pick up material quickly and be comfortable interacting with the audience.

'Half Sewn' is an immersive choreographic installation that follows the intimate journey of four women. The work viscerally engages all the senses as it confronts the patriarchal expectation of females to simultaneously embody strength, sensuality and softness all at once. It weaves together an exploration of female rituals and imagery of the fates in mythology.  

- 1 female-identifying dancer to take on a role in our existing solo 'It Just Sort of Happens One Day' which is being performed on 9th March 2024 at Déda, Derby.

Must have experienced pregnancy, labour/delivery and the early stages of motherhood.

Must be able to pick up material quickly and be comfortable dancing in close proximity to the audience.

'It just sort of happens one day…’ is a contemporary dance piece exploring how one creates a sense of home for themselves. It confronts our perception of what home is and questions whether home is in the physical environment around us, in the items we can carry with us or if it’s found within our own bodies. The solo depicts settling and uprooting and settling again to be uprooted again; taking the audience on a journey through various times and places as the performer is displaced from her habitual surroundings and seeks to create her own version of what ‘home’ is.

- 1-2 dancers for the first R&D period of our new piece of work 'Letting Go While Holding On' - a new work which will begin by looking at the human experience of grief.

Must have experienced grief and be willing to share their experience - our Artistic Director who is making this work has recently lost her mother somewhat suddenly so this will be a very vulnerable and slow process that will be approached with great care giving space and time for things that might come up.

Priority will be given to those who can fulfil one of the roles above in addition to this one.

How to Apply

Please follow the link below to find the application form.

Form includes:

- Name, Phone, Email, Pronouns

- 1 minute video of you dancing - this video needs to be clearly of you and ideally include some improvisation and partnering. If it is a film of a performance of you as part of a company it needs to be obvious?that we are watching you. If you send footage that is longer than 1 minute please clearly state which section we should watch (or we will watch the first minute).

- Your CV - 2 pages maximum

- Paragraph explaining how you fit the criteria for one or more roles listed, why you want to work with us and what you will bring to Thrive Dance. Maximum 300 words.

Deadline for application is Friday 26th January 2024 at 5pm. We will not consider applications after this deadline.

We will aim to let everyone know the outcome of their application and if they will be invited to audition by Wednesday 31st January 2024.

As a small organisation we do not have the capacity to provide feedback on your application form but will offer feedback to anyone who attends the audition in person.

If you want to discuss the role beforehand please email Sarah at We are particularly interested in dancers with backgrounds that are underrepresented such as those from? African, Asian or the Global Majority and those from low socio economic backgrounds. If you have any access requirements or require any additional support with the application process, please contact us directly.

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