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Any Age, Any Body, Any Dance

Dance ideas for everybody inspired by Cecilia Macfarlane's creative practice in the community.

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The following excerpt has been taken from a chapter entitled 'The book', by Cecilia Macfarlane:

This book shares some of my ideas and practice developed during my career, in the hope that it will inspire and inform dancers of all ages and experiences to discover their own dancing journeys.  It is a book for everyone.  Writing this book has been made possible through my collaboration with Ruth Pethybridge.  Our exploration together as dancers, teachers and writers has been a dancing journey in itself.  Chris Benstead’s music and Roly Carline’s illustrations are integral to the book, offering the reader another perspective to enhance the imagination alongside the text to further the dance.

We haven’t written a book only for technique, only for creativity or choreography or only for a particular age group.  Throughout my intergenerational practice all these aspects have become increasingly connected, and out of this has come ‘Any Age, Any Body, Any Dance’.  What became clear was that the common denominator for all the work whatever age, could be the theme, the theme that could hold the thinking together.  In fact, every class that I teach and every workshop that I lead is always built around the theme for the day or for the project. Out of the many themes that could make up this book, I chose the body, as it is the basic foundation for dance.

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Any Age, Any Body, Any Dance, Front Cover