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Thursday 25 July: Advanced course: Leading improvisation for people with Parkinson's

Led by Clint Lutes

This one-day course, led by Clint Lutes, places dance as an aesthetic artform at the centre of work with people living with Parkinson’s. It will explore the use of improvisation as a tool to empower people with Parkinson’s to make creative choices and contribute to the development of dance as a performance artform.

The course will include an approach to improvised movement dealing with shifting and directing attention, nonverbal communication based in everyday communicative gesturing, and lots of play. The course will look at how simple themes related to Parkinson’s such as identity, interactivity and pleasure can be addressed through movement and developed into improvised tasks and scores that allow for individualised movement exploration. 

Clint’s improvisation methodology invites the participants to ask questions, study playfully, connect outside themselves and to work together while remaining independent. Clint is a practitioner of instant composition and has experience in various somatic methods. These practices give value to tools that increase bodily and environmental awareness while engaging creativity and independence.

Participant requirements:
The course is only open to participants who have completed the Introduction to Dance for Parkinson’s online learning assessment and who have attended an introductory face-to-face training course.

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Clint Lutes biography

Clint Lutes is an American in Paris. His choreographic work has increasingly become centered around working with non-professionals and uses dance as a vehicle to inform, connect and communicate. He participated in the research project Störung/Hafra’ah in Freiburg (D) in 2015, bringing together artists, scientists and people with Parkinson’s to study movement disorder.

Clint felt challenged like never before through the richness of the various collaborations, and felt he had discovered a million new ways to view and practice dance via this project. He went on to create the non-profit DaPoPa (Danse Pour Parkinson), which utilises choreographic, improvisation and somatic practices in its activities.

Clint has also joined the research group Labodanse, with improvisation, attention and togetherness being the basis for their studies. He has worked as a dancer, assistant and collaborator with the choreographer Eun Me Ahn for over 15 years, is co-founder of the LUCKY TRIMMER Performance Series in Berlin, and has worked on projects with non-professionals in collaboration with the Theatre National Chaillot, Théâtre de la Ville Paris, Festival Paris Quartier d’Été, Festspielhaus St. Pölten, Theater Freiburg and elsewhere.


Photo: Clint Lutes by Christine Marie.

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