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Friday 26 July: Teaching dance in primary schools

Led by Claire Pring

This one-day course is aimed at community dance practitioners who are interested in developing their practice to teach within primary school settings, either as part of the general curriculum delivery, or in the provision of after-school activities.

The day will be practically led and provide participants with:
  • Guidance on how to plan and deliver high quality dance lessons
  • Inspiration and ideas for using cross-curricular approaches to teaching dance within the primary school curriculum, and in after school clubs
  • Example schemes of work for Foundation Stage, Key Stages One and Two and the skills you would be hoping to develop in the children
  • Useful and appropriate resources for primary school children.
Course applicants must:
  • Have a firm grounding in at least one dance genre
  • Have a commitment to improving their own skills as a teacher and learner.


Application forms
Claire Pring biography
Claire Pring, "I started teaching in the last millennium (let's not be too specific about when, let's just say it was a long time ago) after completing a B.Ed. (Hons) in primary dance… yes, they did them then… (how things have changed)! Since then I have been a primary school teacher, a dance animateur, a freelance dance artist, a high school dance teacher, an AST and now I'm a Lead Practitioner for Dance in Derbyshire. So I've been in and out of schools in a variety of roles and seen dance ebb and flow in a number of different directions. But through all of this I think my approach has stayed pretty steady - and what I value and try to achieve has too.

The things that are important to me include making the lessons creative from the start, I want them to have ownership of the work and the ideas… and I want them to finish the lesson red in the face & slightly sweaty.

So let's reflect on our practice, consider what schools want and see where there's a match."


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