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Partnerships and alliances

In order to achieve our ambitions People Dancing needs effective alliances and partnerships with others who share our vision and values. We engage with high-¬≠profile artists and public figures; and leaders of public, voluntary and private sector organisations as advocates for our work and as influencers on theirs. We work alongside and with a range of organisations to support the delivery of our own objectives as well as wider objectives relating to the participatory arts sector. We work collaboratively, helping ‘glue’ people and organisations working in participatory dance together to drive forward:

  • Innovation, excellence and diversity
  • Talent development and progression
  • Learning networks
  • International profile
  • Collaborative leadership
  • Enhanced digital content.
  • Associate artists and companies

    People Dancing will be embarking on a new phase of existing relationships with five artists and two dance companies as Associates, enabling us to work in depth with internationally respected leaders, support mid-career artists into national leadership roles and ensure that diversity – of people, and creative practices - is woven throughout content and delivery.

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