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Buy copies

Animated issues and articles are available online and in paper format. You can receive the online and paper Animated as part of our membership schemes or you can purchase the paper magazine in 3 ways;

  1. You can buy paper copies (2002 onwards) from our online shop - view available editions
  2. You can download the order form , indicate which editions you'd like, and return it to us with a cheque/postal order or with your credit/debit card payment details
  3. You can phone us on +44 (0)116 253 3453 with your order & pay with your credit/debit card over the phone.

Please see the tables below for Animated issues (pre 2002) available in PAPER format. Please also note - issues/articles that are no longer available in paper format may be available online - please visit the searchable archive for available articles.

All issues are currently priced per copy (inc. Postage & Packaging);

£7.50 UK
£10.50 Europe
£11.50 Rest of World

Contact Information

If you require any other information regarding Animated, or have any questions then please contact Rosie Frances, Communications and Publications Manager at

Back Issues

Animated issues pre 2002 also available in PAPER format

Winter 2001
Spring 2001
Summer 2001
Autumn 2001
Spring 2000 double issue
Summer 2000
Autumn 2000
Winter 1999
Spring 1999
Summer 1999
Autumn 1999
Winter 1998
Spring 1998
Summer 1998
Autumn 1998
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Spring 1997
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Autumn 1997
Spring 1996
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Autumn 1996
Winter 1995
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Autumn 1995
Winter 1994
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Autumn 1994
Spring 1993
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Autumn 1993
Spring 1992
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Autumn 1992

Autumn 1991