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Routes into dance
Please find below frequently asked questions about routes into dance leading / training and getting started - please click the question to view the answer.
>   Where can I go to study dance?

It depends upon the kind of dance you want to do and the kind and level of study that you mean. There is lots of choice and the links below might help to inspire you to find out more. A career in dance really is what you make it, so there is no best school, college of university, only the right one for you, for your personality and your ambition.

You might consider these questions:

  • How determined, competitive and ambitious are you to perform?
  • How well do you perform dance in public or in pressured situations such as an audition or examination?
  • Do you often want people to watch you dance?
  • Do you like to make dances up yourself?
  • Do you often want to include others in the dance too?
  • Do you like to care for others and is dancing something that you believe can make people feel better?

If you feel more strongly about the last three questions, then you might want to consider becoming a choreographer or leading dance in community settings. These questions show that you might be more focused on dance as a creative outlet for you to communicate ideas and that you might be inclined to share that with others. If you relate to the first questions then the performance of the dance for other people to enjoy is perhaps more important to you.

For more detailed advice on Higher Education (HE) and taking a degree in dance please visit our Higher Education page.

If you want a list of HE courses in dance go to the UCAS course search facility where you will find degree courses in Dance and Dance Science please visit

The Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) hold a list of dance establishments that deliver professional training please visit

>   What is the best dance school or dance class to go to?

Many people start at a local school or class and progress onto further training within a specialised setting with the support of their local teacher.

Your local or regional dance agency is a good place to start to find out about different kinds of dance schools and sessions to attend in your area.

Please visit our useful contacts and links page for more information.