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National Dance Organisations

Association of Dance of the African Diaspora (ADAD)
A central resource for the diverse dance forms of the African diaspora. In June 2003, ADAD and Dance UK came together to provide enhanced support for African Peoples' Dance forms

British Dance Council
A Co-ordinating organisation to enable ballroom teachers to work together

British Ballet Organisation
Dance examining society offering teacher training and examinations in classical ballet, tap, modern and jazz

Council for Dance Education and Training
Promotes excellence in dance education and training, accredits courses at vocational dance Schools, and offers a comprehensive information service

One Dance UK
New industry body formed in 2016 bringing together: ADAD, Dance UK, YDE and NDTA

Dance United Yorkshire
Aims to bring individuals and communities together to seek creative solutions to artistic challenges, triggering a process that develops social interaction and personal growth in participants. The company believes that dance has a unique quality that can, when delivered through a tried-and-tested methodology, create profound and life-changing experiences for those it works with

Dance Umbrella
Promotes and celebrates contemporary dance

Dancers' Career Development
Vocational training and re-training for professional dancers resident in the UK

English Folk Dance and Song Society
The organisation that encourages, documents and develops folk music, dance and song traditions within England

Laban Guild
A charitable organisation founded by Rudolf Laban in 1946 to promote and advance the study of Laban-based movement and dance

Language of Dance Centre
Innovative approach to choreography, educational dance and movement analysis. Provides a framework for exploring and experiencing dance

Margaret Morris Movement International (MMMI)

MMM gives an understanding of how correct breathing can increase stamina and range of movement, how working on posture can improve health and vitality, how using the body’s natural opposition can strengthen muscles, all this as well as balance, agility and co-ordination leading to being able to free the body to dance and the mind to be creative.

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD)
Promotes knowledge, understanding and practice of dance internationally

South Asian Dance Alliance (SADA)
An alliance of three organisations, Akademi, Kadam and Sampad. These organisations are committed to promoting South Asian dance, music and related initiatives in the UK

The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
Society for the protection and promotion of Scottish Country Dancing

The Society for International Folk Dancing
A UK based voluntary, non-for profit association of people who enjoy learning and dancing folk dances from many countries

The National Youth Dance Agency for Scotland