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Applying for a DBS

Professional and Associate Individuals, Organisations, and Educational HE/FE Institution Members can access People Dancing's DBS service.

What's the DBS application process, and how long does it take?

The application process is as follows:
  1. Join People Dancing
  2. Contact us to request a DBS application pack. Either email us, or call us on 0116 253 3453 within office hours and we’ll send it to you in the post
  3. Complete your application form and return it to us in the post along with your original supporting documentation and payment
  4. Allow up to 2 weeks for us to verify your documents and return them to you, plus send your form on to the DBS (applications are processed on a first come first served basis)
  5. The DBS aims to issue and despatch a certificate within two to four weeks. You can track the progress of your application online at the DBS online tracking page.
DBS check fees
The DBS fee is £44 for those working in a paid role and FREE for volunteers.

In addition to the DBS fee, the People Dancing administration fee is as follows:
  • Professional Individual and Professional Organisation Members: No charge (paid role and/or volunteers)
  • Applicants working for/with Professional Individual Members: £8.50 (paid role and/or volunteers).
  • Associate Individual, Associate Organisation Members, and Educational HE/FE Members: £15 (paid role and/or volunteers)

note: All the above membership types offer the facility to apply for multiple DBS checks (for colleagues/helpers), excluding Associate Individual Membership.

Find further information about the application process, fees and payment options in DBS application FAQ's and DBS applicant guidelines below.

DBS application FAQ's
Q: Why do I have to send my original documents?
A: As a Registered Body, People Dancing has to make the necessary checks to establish your identity. We do this by verifying your original documents, which is why we do not accept photocopies.

Q: I'm wary of sending my identity documents through the post, is there any other way that my identity can be verified?
A: No. The Countersignatory at People Dancing must see a selection of your original documentation. The best way to protect your documentation when you send it to us with your application is to deliver it to us by Special Delivery. Once your documents are here they will be kept securely in a locked safe.

Q: I need my passport for travel within the next month, should I still send it with my application?

A: This is up to you, but we are unable to make specific promises about when documents will be returned to you. However, we may keep your documents for approximately two weeks.

Q: When will my original identity documents be sent back to me?

A: We try not to keep your documents for any longer than two weeks, however if we are experiencing a high volume of applications or are awaiting your response for a query about your application, then this may cause delay in returning your documents to you.

Q: How do I find out if you’ve received my application?
A: Write your name or initials on the back of the envelope at the time of posting, then after a couple of days, call us on 0116 253 3453 or email: and we'll check if your application has arrived. We do not open applications until they are processed to avoid compromising your documents, which is why we ask you to write on the envelope.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: This will depend on your membership type and your chosen postal option for return of your documents. Fees are shown on the Checklist enclosed in this pack.

Q: I do not have a cheque book, is there any other way to pay?
A: Yes. Please contact us prior to sending in your application to pay Mon-Fri between 10am and 5pm over the phone on 0116 253 3453, to pay by credit/debit card.

Q: When will I get my DBS certificate?
A: We are unable to say. Once the DBS have your application form it will usually be within 2 to 4 weeks that you'll receive your certificate. Upon returning your documents to you, we will send a covering letter offering details on how to chase up your application with the DBS. This is easy to do online or by phone.

Q: Do you process DBS checks for non-members of People Dancing?
A: No. The service is only accessible through membership.

Q: How do I sign up to the DBS Update Service to keep my certificate up to date?

A: You must register your form or certificate number through the DBS website.

A full list of application FAQ's is available to download below.

DBS applicant downloadable guidelines
Please find downloadable pdf guidelines below for support with completing a DBS application through People Dancing. Please note that this is a member only service and DBS forms are not attached here. To request a DBS application form and guidelines please email: or call us on 0116 253 3453.