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Employers Liability

Available as an add-on to Professional Individual Membership and insurance for £50.

Employers' Liability cover is available as an option to ‘add-on’ to the Sport, Recreation & Leisure Liability included within Professional Individual Membership. Cover is offered on the basis of occasional use of employees, assistants or volunteers.

If you're using extra help for your work, this add-on will provide Employers' Liability cover for a maximum of 15 individuals for up to 100 hours (collectively) to assist you. Typically, you would be recruiting for your workshops, performances, and projects including one-off or short-term contracts.

What is Employers' Liability?

If you employ people, you are required by law to have Employers' Liability insurance. However, people you normally think of as self-employed and/or volunteers may be considered as your employees for the purpose of Employers' Liability cover. What matters is the nature of your 'real' relationship with the people that work for you. The people that work for you require protection in the workplace for circumstances that may lead to a claim being made against you in your capacity as 'employer'. From relatives helping out as volunteers to dance teachers leading classes, adequate protection should be in place.

In general, you may need Employers' Liability insurance for someone who works for you if any of the following applies:

  • You control or manage where and when they work and how they do it
  • You supply most materials and equipment
  • You have the right to any profit your workers make, although you may choose to share this with them. Similarly, you will be responsible for any losses
  • You deduct National Insurance and income tax from the money you pay them.

We recommend that you check the detail of any contractual arrangement and consult a legal advisor for any employment advice. Professional Individual Members receive the benefit of a legal helpline through Abbey Legal Protection on: 0345 458 6810.

Cover is provided for
  • Up to but not exceeding 100 hours per year for up to 15 individuals for the occasional/incidental employment of;
    • Volunteers, helpers, musicians, photographers, non-dance artists, students, interns, dance artists, dance teachers.

Please also note that cover for £50 is provided from the date that the add-on is purchased up until 31 March in each instance.

Cover is not provided for
  • Those that employ on a regular basis
  • Those operating in a dance school or limited company capacity - if this sounds like your work please contact our brokers, Howden for assistance
  • Those engaged in collaborative work i.e. a group of community dance artists equally involved in a project.

Important note:
If you are employing individuals to lead activities for you, for example, dance teachers, then you should ensure their work is adequately insured within a liability policy. The Employers' Liability add-on will not cover uninsured professionals for their liability so, if you decide to employ an uninsured professional their work must be supervised by you at all times.

How to get the Employers' Liability insurance add-on


  • Call us on 0116 253 3453 to add the option anytime during your current membership year. Office hours 10am-5pm Mon-Fri.

Employers' Liability insurance is provided by our brokers, Howden (previously Perkins Slade). Please contact Shomon Miah at Howden on 0121 698 8052 or at: for detailed advice about the cover.