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Insurance FAQ's

Please see below a range of frequently asked questions concerning insurance. If your question is not listed here or you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our insurance brokers, Howden (previously Perkins Slade), and speak to Shomon Miah on 0121 698 8052 or at:

>   Are 'substitutions' automatically covered if I am ill/on holiday?

No, any person who will be taking classes/sessions/courses in your absence should have a policy in their own name to protect them against claims for negligence whilst providing coaching/tuition/advice.

>   What does annual turnover mean?

Annual Turnover is what you earn from your dance work each year before you pay out for anything such as hall hire, wages, rent etc.

>   I earn £36k a year - teaching dance accounts for £10k. Which category do I fit in?

When we say turnover it means what you earn from Dance work alone - not including any other jobs you have in other sectors so this person would choose the category with turnover under £25k.

>   I bring in approx £28k a year but I pay myself £15k, which category do i fit into?

You fit into the category with turnover between £25-£35k, regardless of take home pay.

>   Will this cover me for the musical theatre class I run at the weekends?

If the class is part of your regular dance work then yes. If you are teaching musical theatre exclusively then no.

>   Will it cover my dance performance?

Yes, where this performance is specifically related to your dance instruction.

>    Can I join on the scheme later in the year as I don't need insurance yet?

Yes certainly. You can pay a pro-rata amount for the remaining year to the end of March and then renew for the full year in April should you wish to. There are 3 periods of joining, please see the membership/joining page for further info on this. All Professional Individual memberships will be due for renewal by 31 March each year.

>   Will this insurance cover me for teaching dance in Europe?

Yes, the protection does cover you for teaching worldwide, but there are exceptions in USA and Canada, so please refer direct to brokers, Howden (previously Perkins Slade) in those cases.

>   What if I don't want the insurance but still want to stay a member?

You can stay on the scheme until it is due for renewal and then you can move to a different membership. Compare alternatives within Membership Services

>   Can I join on the scheme later in the year as I don’t need insurance yet?

Yes you can, you would pay a pro-rata amount for the remaining year to end of March and then renew for the full year in April should you wish to.

>   Does this insurance cover me for teaching Zumba?

Yes, as long as it's clear that the cover for Zumba dance work excludes cover for aerobics and/or any Zumba work with weights.

>   What is Sport, Recreation & Leisure Liability?

Sport, Recreation & Leisure Liability provides insurance for legal liability following Negligence / Nuisance / Trespass. Unlike other liability insurances, it not only covers Public Liability (where you are liable for injury or damage to other persons or their property), but also includes cover for the following which are excluded from other providers standard covers:

  • Professional Indemnity for injury following advice (e.g. during coaching / instruction)
  • Libel and Slander Liability following something you might have said or written down (including web sites/emails etc)
>   I have a couple of teachers working with me, does this insurance cover them too?

No. Sport, Recreation & Leisure Liability protection covers the named individual only. Your teachers would each need their own insurance. However if you are a limited company with those teachers in your employment, please refer to our brokers, Howden, (previously Perkins Slade) for advice on a suitable policy.

>   Does this insurance include buildings and contents cover?

No. Sport, Recreation & Leisure Liability is a liability cover only. Please refer to our brokers, Howden (previously Perkins Slade) for advice in respect of buildings and contents insurance.

>   Does the Personal Accident cover insure me for loss of earnings?

Specific injuries are covered by the Personal Accident policy, and a benefit is payable should you suffer such an injury. A temporary total disablement benefit is provided if you are not able to undertake your People Dancing recognised/authorised work due to this injury, and further details in this regard are provided in the summary sheet available to view to the right of this page.

>   I paid for membership with insurance but I no longer need it, can I get my money back or a refund?

Refunds are not offered for any membership with People Dancing. This is detailed in our Terms and Conditions

>   What are the exclusions of cover?

Cover can be provided for any recognised activity of People Dancing. Some specific exclusions are:

  • Yoga
  • Martial arts
  • Aerobics
  • Gymnastics
  • Pole dancing
  • Stunting
  • Trapeze
  • Aerial work 

Dance Movement Therapy - where this is the main focus of your work. We can not cover full time practice of DMT.

If you plan to undertake work you believe to be covered, but are concerned that it may fall within any of the above categories, please refer to People Dancing for clarification.

This list is by no means exhaustive and the insurance provided is subject to terms and conditions as noted within the policy documentation. If you need any further clarification about cover for your work, please call us.

>   Is it possible to arrange short term insurance cover through Professional Individual membership?

No. People Dancing offers insurance as a benefit of membership and therefore it runs for the duration of membership.

>   Does the insurance cover include medical expenses?

Subject to a successful claim being made against you for which cover is provided, the intention of the policy would be that medical expenses incurred by the claimant/injured party (as determined within the settlement of the claim) are included. As this is a liability policy, your own medical expenses would not be included within the cover.

In addition to the Sport, Recreation & Leisure Liability cover provided, a Personal Accident policy is included for members. This provides benefits for particular injuries YOU may suffer whilst undertaking the recognised/authorised activities of People Dancing.

>   Is there a 'cooling off' period for the scheme?

No. People Dancing offers insurance protection through insurance brokers, Howden (previously Perkins Slade), as a benefit of membership. People Dancing are not regulated brokers selling insurance.

>   How do I make a claim?

Please contact Karen Stewart, Claims Handler at Howden (previously Perkins Slade) as soon as possible to provide information about your claim. Karen can be contacted by phone on 0121 698 8041 or by email at:

>   I have more specific questions about the policy and cover. Who do I speak to?

Please contact Shomon Miah at Howden, (previously Perkins Slade) on 0121 698 8052 or at: who will answer specific questions about the policy. If you have any queries about membership not covered above, or need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact People Dancing on 0116 253 3453.