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Do you need a DBS?

Do you, or does someone working with you, need a DBS Check?

It is not enough to state that the individual may come into contact with vulnerable groups (in the children or adult workforce) to meet the eligibility criteria for Enhanced DBS Checks. Eligibility to apply depends on the role and activities an individual will perform whilst conducting their duties. It is up to the employer to look at the job role (see suggestions below). In many circumstances the onus will be on employers to make decisions rather than rely on legal directive.

Consider the activities being carried out with children and/or vulnerable adults

People may perform several different roles in an organisation. For someone who wears several “hats” in an organisation, it will be the role with most contact with children or vulnerable adults that is important, rather than their status in the organisation. Therefore:

  • If any of the duties involve regularly caring for, teaching, supervising or being solely in charge of children, they would be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with barred list check for Children.
  • If any of the duties involve providing health care, personal care or social work (even if only once), with adults, they would be eligible for an Enhanced DBS Check with barred list check for Adults

Within the DBS definition of 'Regulated Activity' pertaining to children/young people, some activity that would otherwise be regulated will no longer be so, for example, if the person carrying out the activity is supervised. In those cases, the individual may not need to be checked. This will be particularly important when considering the roles that volunteers may undertake under supervision.

It is advisable to consider the following as part of assessing the duties of the role or post applied for:

  • What is the particular activity being carried out?
  • How often is it being carried out?
  • Where is the activity being carried out?
  • What are the specific duties of the post?
  • Is the activity being supervised?
  • Who is the activity with/participants?
  • Is it Regulated Activity?
  • Is an Enhanced Check necessary for the post / duties?
  • Is an Enhanced Check plus barred list check required for the post / duties?

It is essential to remember that checking is only one part of safeguarding. Employers should have a comprehensive safeguarding policy and not rely too heavily on the result of the DBS Check.

Quick reference:

Regulated Activity is work which involves close and unsupervised contact with vulnerable groups, and which cannot be undertaken by a person who is on the Disclosure and Barring Service's Barred List. For more information on Regulated Activity see Glossary Terms & Definitions

Enhanced DBS with barred list(s) Check
is needed for the post if the duties include: Regulated Activity with children and/or adults.

DBS certificate: will show any spent and unspent criminal convictions and if the applicant is on one of the ISA barred lists.

Enhanced DBS (not including barred list(s)) Check is needed if the post: does not include Regulated Activity but the person is working with children.

DBS certificate: will show any spent and unspent criminal convictions.