People Dancing is the development organisation for community and participatory dance, driving forward inclusion and excellence and supporting a UK-wide network of members - dance artists and organisations - who make great dance happen in all its diversity.
Artist Sharing Day, 13/01/24
People Dancing Summer Intensive 2023. Photo: Rachel Cherry.
Join us at the University of Salford for a day of peer support, practice sharing, a practical session led by Dr Mel Brierley and exploration with the Live Well and Dance with Parkinson's team in Manchester.
The single most important thing we do
Claire Pring, People Dancing's Summer Intensive 2023. Photo: Rachel Cherry.
Whilst attending People Dancing's Summer Intensive, Dance Specialist, Claire Pring took some time to step back, view her practice and to mull, consider and ask herself some big questions.
Celebrating World Parkinson’s Day in the North East
Image credit: Eve Walker.
Dancer Eve Walker reflects upon her placement with the Live Well & Dance with Parkinson's performance group and how it solidified her work priorities and showed her the real power dance can hold and the impact it can have on individuals’ lives.
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People Dancing Summer School. Photo: Rachel Cherry
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A very contemporary dance project
Drawing: Marcia Porto.
Sharon Scaniglia, shares her appreciation of supporting artists, how creativity combats loneliness and her passionate belief in older age as an important time of rich self-expression.
Global Folk for global folk
Movema project 2019-23. Photo: David Leeke Photography.
Maria Malone, Movema, gives insight into their Global Folk project, where Ukranian and Indian dance lead to revelations about what English culture can learn from its past identity and that of others to heal its present and embrace it's future.
A choreography of parenting
Anita Clark.
Anita Clark, Director of The Work Room in Glasgow, Scotland, frames the voices of parent-artists contemplating or navigating the complexities of resuming their practice alongside the care and raising of children.
Latest digital edition!
Animated Summer 2023 cover
Animated Summer 2023
“...all the issues people are experiencing, dance gives voice to that. That’s why it’s important to remember that’s where culture and art stands.”
Sharing early years dance practice
Kimberley Harvey and Ella Fleetwood talk about their experience of dancing in the public spaces and on the wards of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London from June 2022 to March 2023.
Letting The Light In
People Dancing Summer School. Photo: Rachel Cherry.
A connected conversation for a dis-united nation. In this online conversation panellists discuss the specifics of the state of community dance as we navigate Brexit, the pandemic, war in Europe and the climate crisis.
A very contemporary dance project
Sharon Scaniglia, manager of ArtsSpeak in Nottingham shares her appreciation of supporting artists, how creativity combats loneliness and her passionate belief in older age as an important time of rich self-expression. These come together for her in the magic of Cool Company, a gallery-based dance project for over 60s led by choreographer, Deane McQueen.
Contact with consent: online recording
Contact with consent: Exploring autonomy for dancers with additional needs, facilitated by Sali Gresham, delivered in partnership with Sense charity.

This session is for practitioners working within inclusive dance practice but could be a valuable reference for anyone working with non-verbal participants in dance.

This is a recording of a previous online event.
F-ing Good Zine
F-ing Good Provocation is a zine (project as well as a practice) that celebrates the 20 artists of East and Southeast Asian diaspora involved, who live, create and contribute to the vibrant arts landscape of the UK and beyond.
Vallum Hadriani
In the early Spring of 2022, Northeast based company Pelican Theatre, commissioned by Live Well & Dance with Parkinson’s Northeast steering group to created a piece for the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival.
Early Years film
A discussion and exploration of early years participatory dance practice in performance with Takeshi Matsumoto and Liz Clark, Associate Artist, Early Years, People Dancing. 
Jobs and opportunities
People Dancing in the Summer. Photo: Rachel Cherry.
Here you can browse jobs and opportunities in community and participatory dance.