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We are still open for business and working at this current time. If you need to contact us please email us at:

We also have some coronavirus (COVID-19) information and signposts to resources that may be helpful to you. Government guidance documents for working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) for England were published and/or updated on 9 July 2020. There are several sets of guidance that may relate to your dance work, depending on the kind of work you do and where you do it. We’ve created an overview of the guidance on our website, including information about reopening dates where this is available.

People Dancing is the development and membership organisation for community and participatory dance, driving forward inclusion and excellence through professional development, resources & safeguarding services, specialist programmes & networks. It supports a UK-wide network of members - dance artists, practitioners and organisations - who make great dance happen in all its diversity.

People Dancing offers a range of memberships for individual dance artists, teachers and leaders, and for organisations of all sizes.

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Common Dance
Common Dance by Rosemary Lee.  Photo: Simon Weir
Rosemary Lee's Common Dance shared (with love)
Since the 1970s, director, choreographer and performer Rosemary Lee has created projects that revolve around the idea of building relationships and bringing communities together. Here she reflects upon what led her to share Common Dance again in 2020.
Marcia's story
Marcia Edwards.
Knocking on doors with biscuits
People Dancing Associate Artist Louise Katerega in conversation with dancer and choreographer Marcia Edwards about her transition from dancer to setting up her own community dance company.
New skills, new normal?
Peter Laycock
Moving, in and out of lockdown
Arts participation specialist Peter Laycock offers some thoughts around our new ability to deliver digitally and asks us to imagine what we could achieve in the future without the restrictions of lockdown
Animated magazine
Animated cover image: Vicki Igbokwe teaching an Empowerment Workshop, Aditi retreat
Latest edition out now!
“What is this elusive thing we call our ‘practice’, our ‘voice’? Do you find it, or does it find you?” Summer 2020
Additional tips
10 things I've learnt over the past five years
Creative Director and artist Kwesi Johnson on mindset, methodology and our ability to transition to teaching dance and movement online.
Dance delivery online
Tom Hobden
Dance and digital participation
In this vlog for People Dancing Tom Hobden reflects on his experiences of developing participatory dance delivery online, using digital tools and the art of making a human connection.
Artistic courage
Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi. Photo: Foteini Christofilopolous.
Artistic courage under lockdown
Associate Artist Louise Katerega in conversation with artists and People Dancing Members Jorja Follina and Maria da Luz Ghoumrassi talking about the benefits of a one to one with People Dancing and their very different experiences of dealing with lockdown at such short notice.
Being together
Dancers Yi Kwek, Stella Mcauly, Maria Evans and Kiera Sanderson. Photo: Sophie Jane Hughes
Love letter to a lost dance
Dr Ruth Pethybridge, Senior Lecturer, Dance, University of Falmouth and People Dancing Board member invites us, in a bid to articulate the value of our shared practice of dancing, to write a love letter to a lost dance
Early Years work
Photographer: Zoe Manders
Why Men in Early Years Dance aren't just here for fun!
George Fellows, dance artist and Co-Artistic Director of Four Hands talks to Liz Clark, Associate Artist for Early Years, about maleness, nurturing and mental and physical health.
Disabled dance artists
Kate Stanforth in conversation
Five disabled dance artists on issues being faced amid COVID-19
Professional disabled dance artists and practitioners: Kimberley Harvey, Joseph Issac Powell, Kate Stanforth, Kitty Fedorec and Laura Dajao talk about some of the issues being faced amid COVID-19
Online dance delivery
Iona Waite, Education Programme Manager at ACE Dance and Music and Board member of People Dancing
Creative engagement during online dance class delivery
Iona Waite, Education Programme Manager at ACE Dance and Music and Board member of People Dancing talks with independent dance artist and practitioner, Lucy Haighton about how to enable creative engagement during online dance class delivery.
In conversation
Kimberly Harvey
Translation, adaption and inclusion online
A short film of dance artist Kimberly Harvey and People Dancing’s Director of Engagement Louise Wildish in conversation.