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Teaching online and in-person

Dance leading and teaching online

The insurance benefits included with Professional Individual Membership of People Dancing provide public & products liability of up to £10m. It is a condition of the insurance that you ensure the following:

  • Before any online session (live or pre-recorded) commences, you must state that all participants are participating at their own risk (see sample text for this below)
  • All participants must have adequate and non-slip floor space before taking part in the session
  • All participants have confirmed that they have no current medical conditions or existing injuries which would prohibit them from taking part in the session
  • A simple written record of dates and attendees (or this could be a video recording of the session if you wish, subject to recording permission being sought  from participants) must be retained for three years.


Sample text for participants to confirm that they are taking part at their own risk

We offer this text, which is the wording People Dancing uses for its own online activities, for your use or adapt to suit your own circumstances:

  • In line with good practice, you (the practitioner) undertake appropriate risk assessments and have in place safeguarding procedures for all your online and in-person activities. There nonetheless remains a risk of physical injury when anyone participates in dance and movement activity
  • Anyone participating in your activities does so sensibly and with care for themselves, and we draw your attention to the following which may be adapted to form a disclaimer
  • In participating in these online classes, and home practice, participants agree that they do so voluntarily and at their own risk, and that they assume all risk of any injury to themselves and anyone else in their immediate vicinity (e.g. if participating at home with a partner)
  • Participants should check their space to ensure it is clear of potential hazards, such as loose rugs and low tables (or an enthusiastic pet!). The dance artist or leader should check this with participants at the beginning of the class
  • Individuals should only participate in movement and dance activity that is suitable for their own physical fitness, and if they are unsure about this they should consult with their Doctor/GP, Consultant, Specialist Nurse or other licensed medical practitioner before participating.

The participant should confirm they have read and understand the disclaimer, and book their place(s) in the class with this knowledge.

These statements can be easily incorporated into an online booking system or booking form together with tick boxes, and/or recapped at the beginning of your sessions before any activity takes place.