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Animated Edition - Autumn 2002
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Focus on: international
Many of us are not prepared to see the arts and culture confined to a marginal role in society, as 'just a titillating and trendy distraction from the real business of running this planet, but as a driving force behind survival, social change and sustainable development'. Helen Gould, Director of Creative Exchange argues that the principal renewable resource is human creativity and we have to connect up with the jigsaw of knowledge, data and learning resources so we can better understand the global impact of arts and culture.

In this issue of Animated, people from different countries, cultures and contexts with different artistic and intellectual traditions present their unique solutions and raise new questions as they engage with people through dance and use dance to deal with issues of human and social justice. In addition we look at some of the issues faced in bringing people from different cultures together in the dance experience.... Read more
In this issue
A certain flexibility
Donald Hutera, dance writer and critic talks to Israeli choreographer Yael Flexer who looks back on ten years of living and making work in Britain
From the editor
Ken Bartlett, Director, Foundation for Community Dance
Response to Dr Andree Grau's 'Dance and cultural identity'
In the Autumn 2001 issue of Animated we published an article by Dr Andree Grau 'Dance and Cultural Identity'. Here Uttara Asha Coorlawala continues the debate
To be a better teacher
Here, Ehud Krauss and Dr. Shirley Brice-Heath explain the search of an artist-teacher and linguistic anthropologist
The focus: international
Building bridges across cultural divides
Melanie Nix on why rehearsing Romeo and Juliet whilst residing together on a farm in Zimbabwe felt at times more like an African twist on Big Brother than an artistic endeavour
Disabled by circumstance
A chance encounter with Wales Aid to Craiova took Ruth Till and Tracey Brown on an extraordinary journey. Here they explain how the germ of an idea became a catalyst for change
Living Stones Village - developing dance in China
Here Katie MacCabe reflects on her evocative trip to China
Links with the land
Jeanette Fabila, indigenous dancer and teacher, and a speaker at Dance in the Landscape the second Australian national forum for community dance writes about her work
Un secteur en effervescence
There is a widespread feeling in Canada that the development of dance with and for young people is critical to the health and growth of dance as an artform Carol Anderson explains
Community dance in Switzerland - does it exist?
Here Susanne Scheider describes the fragile growth of Community Dance in Switzerland
In fair winds and foul
What role can art play in war? When a violent conflict engulfs a community, maintaining a constructive use for artists is not easy.  Nicholas Rowe on The Popular Art Centre in Palestine
Art at the heart of democratic practice
Ines Sanguinetti, on developing community cultural centres in the barrios of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Building a global creative exchange
Creative Exchange partners are not prepared to see arts and culture confined to a marginal role in society. Here Helen Gould explains what Creative Exchange partners are up to around the globe
The College of the Body / El Colegio del Cuerpo
Here Ãlvaro Restrepo describes the work of El Colegio del Cuerpo in Cartagena, Colombia and reveals connections between dance and the issues and concerns of the Colombian people