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Animated Edition - Autumn 2010
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Focus on: the USA

From the editor

Community dance practice as it has developed in the United Kingdom is regarded as pioneering and inspiring. It has been a model for developing similar work elsewhere in the world, with British dance artists in the field leading projects and training programmes in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

That being said I am increasingly interested in seeing how artists starting with similar values and commitment to art, dance and people have developed this 'community dance' practice in response to their own culturally specific contexts, and seeing what we have in common and what we can learn afresh from their experiences.

To that end I invited artist and writer Pegge Vissicaro, who I first met at an international conference on community dance in Lisbon some years ago, to curate a series of articles that reveal some of the issues and practices currently at play in the USA.

In addition Linda Jasper, Director of Youth Dance England presents her ambitions for the next ten years of development for youth dance which is set alongside an article by Jane Ralls calling for similar developments for the adult population, and an example of such work from Liz Atkins, based at Laban.

The benefits dance can bring to the health of the wider population have often been rehearsed in the pages of Animated, so it is good to see a major national charity, Diabetes UK, proposing to use dance as a major part of its development strategy in the coming months.

Ken Bartlett, Creative Director, Foundation for Community Dance
In this issue
From the editor
Ken Bartlett, Creative Director, Foundation for Community Dance
Donald Hutera sniffs creatively around the notion of being an international glutton for the arts
The focus: United States of America
Weaving threads of connection
Pegge Vissicaro provides a strategic approach for looking at socially based dance practices in the USA
Tracing roots
Mary Fitzgerald offers some historical highlights from the 1960s to present
Dilemmas of practice in art and healing
Liz Lerman reflects on art, life, and therapeutic practice
Dancing the planet
Taira Restar reveals dance pioneer Anna Halprin's work and ambitions
Kairos Dance Theatre makes a world
Maria DuBois Genné of Kairos, intergenerational dance company, sets out her and the company's values and priorities
Capturing community
Melanie Ohm and Judy Butzine of the Cultural Arts Coalition share how they capture whole communities through purposeful documentation
Start making sense
Simon Dove discusses building a socially-based dance practice in the United States
The politics of extraordinary possibilities
Pegge Vissicaro describes the 'perfect storm' changing the way Americans connect through dance and community
Diabetes UK embraces dance
Andy James on dance as a genuine route to combat and educate about diabetes
Lifelong dancing?
In the following section Linda Jasper sets out a 10 year vision for youth dance. We have linked this to...
Young people's dance
Linda Jasper discusses young people's dance in and beyond school
Laban adult performance projects
Liz Atkin describes the development of adult performance projects in South London
Growing up to the challenge
Jane Ralls on providing sustained creative and performance based opportunities for non-professional adults