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Animated Edition - Autumn 2011
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Focus on: Dance in Australia

From the editor

From where we sit with our close historical associations and common language it might be easy to imagine that dance in Australia would have followed roughly the same trajectory as our own. In the series of articles curated by Kath Papas in this issue, whilst recognising some of our common threads they gives us an insight into how dance in Australia has found its own pathways built on very different histories, landscapes and the cultures of its population. I'm delighted that we can share in some of this practice and its underpinning values and ideas in order that individually and collectively we can reflect on our own.

This issue also adds to the growing evidence base that demonstrates the value of dance in a range of health contexts, dealing specifically with work being developed across the UK with people with Parkinson's Disease and an example of dance being used successfully with people recovering from strokes.

Ken Bartlett, Creative Director, Foundation for Community Dance

In this issue
Donald Hutera. Photo: Lilia Pegado/Green
In the firing line
Watch out as Donald Hutera tries to take aim at what triggers prejudice
Benjamin Dunks. Photo: Nicola Rosewarne
Building traditions afresh
Benjamin Dunks explains his project linking diverse traditions on World Dance Day in Devon
The focus: Australia
Kath Papas. Photo: Chester Dent
An introduction
Kath Papas introduces some key issues in Australian community dance
fLiNG Physical Theatre 2009. Photo: Fahmi
Dancing under a big sky
An introductory conversation with Annette Carmichael and Lee Pemberton
Moving One Hundred (100 members of the public). Photo: Belinda Strodder 2009
The rise and rise of community dance
Michelle Silby sets out some of the current developments
Dr Katrina Rank (flower in hair), Dance Across the Domains conference 2010. Photo: Belinda Strodder
Big sticks - masters and apprentices
Dr Katrina Rank outlines effective and safe dance in schoolsand communities
Medico Manoeuvres by Leigh Warren & Dancers (LWD) at Flinders Medical Centre. Photo: Alex Makeyev
Medico manoeuvres
Skye Murtagh describes how movement and music prove a potent therapy for patients
A Bowls Club Wedding (Can Team Rivalry be put aside for love?). Photo: Mark Marcelis
Tracks Dance Company
David McMicken and Tim Newth give us a view of dance in Australia's Northern Territory
Dance and disabled people
Chris Pavia and Hayley Arundel, Intonation. Photo: Stu Allsopp
Project Volume
Susan Norwood describes linking learning disabled artists in dance, the visual arts and film
Dance, health and wellbeing
Dance for Parkinson's participants with Jennie Harrington, English National Ballet artist. Photo: Be
Researching dance for Parkinson's
Danielle Jones and Dr Sara Houston describe research intothe benefits of dance for people with Parkinson's disease
Joanne Duff with dancer from the Kentish Town Musical Moving Dance Group. Photo: Sheryl Tait.
Making it happen
Three practitioners, Joanne Duff, Anna Gillespie and Amanda Fogg, in the field of dance and Parkinson's disease describe their work
Participant with Caroline Schanche, Arts for Stroke Rehabilitation dance session. Photo: Jenny Atkin
Moments of breath and hand jive
Jayne Devlin and Caroline Schanche describe their work on a stroke rehabilitation unit in Cornwall
Professional development
nocturn's weekly adult contemporary class, South Hill Park (Community Group). Photo: Dean Soden
The bigger picture
John Darvell reflects on the challenges of setting up adultdance provision