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Animated Edition - Spring 2003
Animated Spring 2003 cover
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Focus on: continuing professional development
This second issue of Animated focusing on continuing professional development (CPD) amply illustrates what the dance sector is doing for itself in providing professional development opportunities. Dance is a profession that is talent,imagination and energy rich but cash poor; yet across the country, companies, agencies and individuals are entering into creative, powerful and productive partnerships with each individual satisfaction and a wider range of opportunities for the profession.

Our focus on CPD in this and in the Winter 2003 issue of Animated has revealed a rich and varied seam of professional development work happening right across the UK. It is extremely encouraging to see whatwe in dance are finding the resources to do it for ourselves rather than waiting for it to be done to us. This issue shows a largely optimistic picture of what is being achieved in local and regional contexts to support individuals and groups of... Read more

In this issue
From the editor
Ken Bartlett, Director, Foundation for Community Dance
History of learning
Charlotte Vincent plots a personal journey and route map
Reflections of a dance manager
Deborah Baddoo gives her personal reflections on the issues faced by black dance managers, and the context in which they and other black artists operate in the UK
Returning to learning - lifelong learning
Alysoun Tomkins on what happens when you give yourself a chance
Trusting and investing in our artists
Sue Way, dance officer at the Arts Council Englands South West office, tells us the story so far and reveals the connections in the region that make this possible
The focus: professional development
Jacqueline Gray is director of Hampshire Dance, here she talks about Artistlink, a professional development members scheme for local dancers
Being part of something that is really a profession
Eddie Nixon looks at Dance UK's recent initiatives to support the professional development of choreographers
Breakthrough at the ballet
Gwen Van Spijk reports on an innovative programme of professional development opportunities initiated at Birmingham Royal Ballet
If only I could find a dance manager... I would be able to...
Jacqueline Rose, charts the development of initiatives designed to support the professional development of independent dance managers in London
Professional development @ DanceCity
DanceCity's director Janet Archer looks at over ten years of professional development opportunities in the North East of England, with the emphasis on 'quality people time'
Dance and disabled people
Learning on the job
Dawn Prentice, CandoCo's administrative director, talks about some of the ways in which the company approaches the professional development needs of its disabled artists
Choreographic commissions: Bringing dance to life
Creating living opportunities for emerging choreographers: Francesca Rendle-Short tells us about the Australian experience