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Animated Edition - Spring 2004
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Focus on: methodology
We have been considering for some time how to make Animated more user friendly whilst maintaining its challenging edge. This issue, we hope, is a positive step on that pathway. The Foundation for Community Dance believes that Animated should fulfil a number of roles: profiling the diversity of dance happening in community settings, the diversity ofthe people taking part and the wider issues with which our work connects.

However, we see it primarily as a conduit between practitioners and their developing practice - celebrating the best of work happening across the UK and beyond, promoting the sharing of ideas, offering opportunities to learn from each other's experience, challenging our preconceptions and profiling initiatives that shift the boundaries of what the work might be. Most importantly we seek to celebrate the diverse practice of community dance placing the individual drives, passions and voices of practitioners at the heart of... Read more
In this issue
Critical faculties
UK dance writer Donald Hutera chooses the fat in the first of an ongoing series of commentary-filled columns
From the editor
Ken Bartlett, Creative Director, Foundation for Community Dance
The focus: methodology
Method in my madness
By Marion Gough
'Thinking dancers': the alchemy of dance
'Alchemy: the transmutation of baser metals into gold' [Oxford English Dictionary] by Michael Platt
The possibilities are endless...
By Rosemary Lee
Wealth of experience
By Ruth Till
Getting people to believe in themselves
By Suz Broughton
Redressing the balance
Penny Greenland MBE reveals the threads of her methodologies and the wellspring of the passion that drives her work
The secret life of the creative self
"Would the real me please step forwards" "Tonight Matthew, I'm going to be..." By Manny Emslie and Sue Akroyd
Accessing the elusive
Choreographer Rosemary Brandt reveals her approach to the development of new approaches to the teaching of Ballet for the 21st Century
Negotiating diversity: learning about community dance
Caroline Plummer and Ralph Buck on community dance in New Zealand
Policy and politics
Dance in diasporic communities: issues and implications
Judy Van Zile, Professor of Dance, University of Hawai'i at Manoa, raises some important questions about cultural authenticity, cultural diversity and ownership
Professional development
Mentoring new choreographers
Julia Potts on what Magpie Dance is doing to support choreography by its learning disabled dancers
The interview
Where the place and people meet
Kate Castle, director of Dance South West in conversation with Scilla Dyke