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Animated Edition - Spring 2005
Animated Spring 2005 cover
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Focus on: health
This issue of Animated is the first of two to look at the contributions dance can make to the health and well-being of individuals and communities. When 'health' is mentioned - very often in isolation from the notion of well-being - one often conjures up images of illness or health 'deficit'- as is ironically shown on this issue's cover. But what about health as a positive issue rather than an illness issue, and how does dance relate to that?

The Foundation for Community Dance believes that the five areas of health and well-being in which dance and dance professionals are making a contribution are:

* Health education: offering insights and information to enable people to make choices about how they live

* Care: activities designed to support people who are getting better or who need extra help to manage an ongoing condition... Read more
In this issue
Critical faculties
Mature critic Donald Hutera eats his carrots and counts his lucky grey hairs
From the editor
Ken Bartlett, Creative Director, Foundation for Community Dance
The focus: dance, health and wellbeing
Missing the boat
Lara Dose, director of the National Network for the Arts in Health on the role of the arts in physical activity
Dance for Life
Cathy Middleton on dancing for life in Bradford
Better medicine
Steph Hall, dance development worker at Dance 4, explains OUTward MOVES - a children's out-patient dance and movement project at Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre
Well being or well meaning?
Mike White from the Centre for Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine (CAHHM), University of Durham on the importance of evaluation
Breathing space
Helen Poyner on artists exploring health and wellbeing
Fit to dance in east Brighton
Hannah Wheeler on taking a local focus, and the importance of partnerships
The focus: dance, wellbeing & health
Why dance...?
Jeremy Spafford asks his fellow dancers from DugOut, an adult community contemporary dance group
Dance of hope
Choreographer and teacher Tamara McLorg and musician Barry Ganberg on The Dance of Hope project - working with young people in Lima, Peru
Policy and politics
We can do hard things
Penny Greenland on getting sorted out about dance and health
Professional development
Gained in translation
Louise Katerega, independent dance artist and Co-Artistic Director FOOT IN HAND on learning as a dancer/choreographer through working in integrated dance
The interview
Dance is the art form whose moment has come
The Rt Hon Estelle Morris, Minister for the Arts in conversation with Dr Scilla Dyke MBE.