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Animated Edition - Spring/Summer 2012
Animated Spring/Summer 2012
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Focus on: Big Dance 2012

From the editor

The articles by Lizzy le Quesne about Rosemary Lee’s Square Dances and Gil Graystone about her life in community dance are great parallels to this issue’s focus on Big Dance and give a vista about how long this development has been brewing in dance in the UK.

They are both a testament to the richness of experience, thinking, practice, artistry and generosity that has been embedded in community and participatory dance over the past 40 years or so.

Now Big Dance in 2012 is the biggest celebration of these features, truly rejoicing in the diversity of dances and diversity of people dancing in this country and beyond.

The articles in this issue’s focus demonstrate that if we are prepared to step outside our particular dance silos and be open to new partnerships across genres and contexts something extraordinary happens – the rich tapestry of the UK’s dance ecology can really shout and be proud.

Ken Bartlett, Creative Director, Foundation for Community Dance
In this issue
Donald and Pamela. Pamela performs in Jyrki Karttunen’s Bad Body Doubles. Photo: Sara Nyberg
Blooming youth
Ageing critic Donald Hutera measures the varied merits of youth dance
Women in Gordon Square - Robyn Cabaret, behind her Mai Tassinari, Square Dances, Rosemary Lee.
Art penetrates life
Lizzy Le Quesne reports on Rosemary Lee’s Square Dances putting dance into public spaces to encounter and engage
The focus: Big Dance 2012
If you’re dancing, we’re asking
Chris Stenton on Big Dance as a UK-wide programme to celebration people dancing during the London 2012 Festival
Dora Frankel Dance, One Small Step/One More Step. Photo: Tony Griffiths
From London to the North East
Mileva Donachie, Project Coordinator, Big Dance 2012 North East, Dance City
Butterfly Ballet Big Dance Performance, Enniskillen. Photo: Andrew Paton, Photovision Photography
Building from the ground up
Dylan Quinn, Artistic Director, Dylan Quinn Dance Theatre (DQDT)
Mass participatory project, Big Dance Week, David Rolland Chorégraphies. Photo: Julie Teyssou
Land of poets, singers and… Big Dance Cymru
Jên Angharad, Director, Dance Cymru; Project Manager, Big Dance Cymru 2012
Various artists, Big Dance NW Link UP! Photo: Mira Balchandran Gokul
Planting the seeds and growing new partners for Big Dance 2012 in the North West
Karen Gallagher MBE, Artistic Director, Merseyside Dance Initiative (MDI)
Chirague Amarchande. Photo: Brian Would.
Let’s Dance International Festival (LDIF) 2012
Pawlet Brookes, Director of Serendipity places dance at the intercultural heart of Leicester
First U.Dance Ensemble residential rehearsal in Glasgow, Photo: Brian Slater.
U.Dance: Four countries, one ensemble
Linda Jasper MBE, Director, Youth Dance England
Games Time. Photo: Kev Ryan
Games Time
Stephen Munn and Lea Anderson on an outdoor stage show performed by members of the local community, an East Midland response to the Cultural Olympiad
Dancing stAGE 2010. Photo: Carmen Klammer.
Dancing Voices
Natasha Gilmore, Artistic Director, Barrowland Ballet and freelance choreographer
Continuing professional development
Picture taken from 1982 edition of HOTFOOT, Gil Graystone teaching. Photo: Dee Conway
Keep on keeping on
My personal journey in community dance by Gil Graystone