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Animated Edition - Summer 2006
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Focus on: the term 'community dance' - is it still working
This issue of Animated continues the series of articles curated by Scilla Dyke from pioneers of Community Dance. Maggie Semple reflects on how community dance has been an important part of her life, and how she applies its lessons in her current roles. Gordon Curl argues for the importance of the intrinsic value of community dance and the importance of a unique community dance aesthetic, whilst Nikki Crane reveals how dance is as important to her 'as the air we breathe'.

Following the Foundation for Community Dance members' meeting in Leeds in February and picking up some of the ideas expressed in Donald Hutera and Chris Thomson's articles in the last issue, we decided to explore the current usefulness of the term Community Dance. Does it continue to provide an adequate description of, and representation for, what we do? As a sector of the dance industry with forty... Read more
In this issue
Critical faculties
Donald Hutera yearns for emotional intelligence
From the editor
Ken Bartlett, Creative Director, Foundation for Community Dance
The focus: is the term 'community dance' still working for us?
A generation game
Frank McConnell argues that although time may have matured us, there is still plenty of work to do
The shadow of a language
Margaret Ames of Dawns Dyfed reflects on the meaning of community in the west of Wales
Communities and the self
Sanjeevini Dutta, Artistic Director of Kadam Asian Dance and Music, reflects on the importance of communities within a south Asian dance context
Community dance in a northern Irish context
Heather Floyd argues for the importance of community dance as a term that describes a process which places equal emphasis on the dance and those who participate
Is community arts redundant as a term?
In changing its name from Walsall Community Arts Team to Creative Development Team, Debra Slade describes the shifts in agendas that have led to this
The disabled community?
Chris Hammond, Artistic Director of Full Circle Arts, urges us to work more closely with disabled artists, disability-led organisations and disabled people themselves
To keep or not to keep the word community in community dance
Alysoun Tomkins, Programme Leader at Laban, argues for making community dance better before we replace it with anything else
Subject to change: Integration in progress in South Africa
Gerry Turvey describes her experience as Education Director and artist in residence with integrated dance company, Remix
The elements and 4,000 feet
Jo Blagg on an event that brings thousands of people together to dance
Professional development
South East Dance in-sync with youth
Kyla Lucking, Head of Community and Learning, describes the programme of professional development by South East Dance to support artists to work with young people at risk
The interviews
Not debating but dancing
Maggie Semple OBE reflects on her experience of being a Chief Executive, Chair of Boards, an artist, educator, choreographer, a Civil Service Commissioner, a Trustee and a Governor
Aesthetic values in community dance: 'deal' or 'no deal'?
Against a background of multiple values, Gordon Curl highlights the relevance of aesthetic values and their noticeable absence in current community dance dialogue
Dance for life
Nikki Crane was featured in the Independent newspaper as one of '40 women under 40 who will shape Britain in business and the arts' (1). Here she explains...