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Animated Edition - Winter 2010
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Focus on: personal viewpoints

Editor's critical faculties

Variety attracts me in almost any form, and that includes travel. Both personally and professionally I've been all over the place this autumn - Sardinia (on holiday), Korea and China (by invitation as a journalist) and Cuba (on assignment). I tend to work hard on these business trips, but I'm also acutely aware of what a privileged existence I lead to have such opportunities.

There's a similarly wide-ranging spirit afoot in community dance, something that I trust this issue of Animated might well reflect. We've opted to hang it all on the thematic peg of Personal Viewpoints. To that end we've got Jo Verrent examining Caroline Bowditch's role as Dance Artist for Change at Scottish Dance Theatre, but doing so within the context of artistic director Janet Smith's expanded vision of how she and the company can broaden the art form's possibilities. Rachel Elliott, in her article on English folk dance, references the historical achievements of a couple of key players in that field without neglecting what's happening today. Then there's Niki Pollard asking community dance practitioners of all stripes if they're... Read more

In this issue
Editor's critical faculties
Globe-trotting guest editor Donald Hutera scans this female-dominated issue of Animated before delving into Asia
Paths of glory
The Rt. Hon Margaret Hodge MBE MP, Minister for Culture, Creative Industries and Tourism, praises the achievements of Find Your Talent
The focus: personal viewpoints
A question of practice
Independent dance artist Niki Pollard wonders how community dance artists experience - and use - the practices of their peers
Activists in the community
Rachel Elliott explores the rich past and thriving present of England's folk dance scene
Boys to men
Choreographer Beth Cassani looks at the motives for - and joys of - creating a dance with her sons
Not quite right?
Jo Verrent hails the changes that are possible when three dance artists join forces in Scotland
Nothing to do with us?
Carolyn Lappin, executive director of YDance (Scottish Youth Dance), advises practitioners nation-wide to take heed of 2012 and beyond
Dance and disabled people
Positive altitude
Free-lance dance artist Jess Allen offers her view on hidden disabilities and aerial dance in inclusive performance practice
Close your eyes and... dance
Adriana Pegorer explains how and why tangoing with visually impaired people enriches her practice and research
Improvising on the ward
Lisa Dowler of the Small Things Collective describes how deeply children in hospital show her the way
Just what the doctor ordered?
Kate Gant and Mark Webster examine how health targets and documentation can boost the case for arts work
Rhythm in the isles
Performer Jackie Wilford experiences paradise teaching flamenco in the Seychelles
Professional development
Breakin' it down
British bgirl SunSun, aka Sunanda Biswas, reveals why young women in hip-hop deserve and want to sustain their own festival
My Dance-Africa adventure
Freelance dance practitioner Roni Cheesman retraces some of her steps as an ADAD Trailblazer