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Pancham Evaluation
Evaluation by Julie Hanna of the Pancham Arts and Health Project delivered by Chaturangan in Liverpool in October and November 2011


Pancham was a 10 session programme of diverse cultural dance, music and activities delivered by Chaturangan with a small group of artists to people in hospice, nursing home and day centre settings. An evaluation was carried out to capture how the programme impacted on people’s health and wellbeing.

The participant and artist feedback and the evaluators’ observations of the sessions were analysed and interpreted using the five ways to wellbeing. The findings showed that the sessions provided opportunities to give, connect, be active, learn and take notice. In addition sub themes of connect with the inner self, connect with the imagination and actively relax were identified. Taking risks, or behaving differently, was also explored as a further theme enabling engagement in sessions.

The influence of Indian, African and Chinese cultures on this creative arts and health programme were found to help facilitate the five ways to wellbeing. Music, story telling, costumes and diverse approaches awakened people’s curiosity and encouraged them to take notice and participate.

The role of the artists as facilitators was also explored. The artists’ performance and skill in sharing their art in the different settings contributed to the success and wellbeing benefits of this programme.

Download the full evaluation below (1MB pdf)
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