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Searching for Meaning
A documentary of a three year creative learning programme at Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children and Families funded by the Early Excellence Initiative

Searching for Meaning: Documenting a journey towards creative learning at Canterbury Children’s Centre, Bradford

 â€œChildren have a right to experience creative and cultural opportunities in order to enable their own healthy learning journeys. As adults, educators, cultural operators and carers, it is our role and responsibility to make this happen by providing as holistic, high quality, well planned, appropriate, supportive and inclusive a creative learning experience as possible.” Ruth Churchill Dower in Searching for Meaning

In Searching for Meaning, Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children and Families have tried to capture and document the process of a three year journey developing a creative curriculum. The main brochure identifies the key principles in designing a creative early learning programme, whilst the seven inserts offer more detail on recurring themes of the practical work which were particularly significant over the span
of the project.

Included in the publication is a DVD of Canterbury’s latest Artist in Residence project, made in conjunction with Graham Hardy of Calderdale Television, analysing staff and children’s learning.

This publication will be of value to practitioners, parents and carers, head teachers and managers, policy makers in both arts and early years sectors, artists, arts educationalists and trainers, academics and funding bodies.

Including seven good practice inserts on working with artists, and a DVD documentary written and edited by Ruth Churchill Dower with artists and staff working at the centre.

Available to download free (without DVD) from or order your copy now for £8 from