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Animated Edition - Spring 2007
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Focus on: intercultural dialogue
I seem to be endlessly being told about the profound impact the Internet is having on our relationship to the world and each other. We have more choices, more flexible identities and have membership of considerably more communities, (some of them not so healthy). In arts terms we have more autonomy as consumers and can curate and create via this powerful tool. This well reflects the increased importance of the individual and individualism in contemporary life.

In this issue of Animated we look at intercultural dialogue for greater understanding and how community dance can positively encourage greater dialogue and understanding between cultural groups whilst still affording opportunities for individual expression. As Cecilia Macfarlane's article demonstrates we have already developed practices that can do this and allows everyone their turn 'centre stage', as well as being part of a collective communal... Read more
In this issue
Critical faculties
Donald Hutera plays word games as he faces a beautiful dotage
From the editor
Ken Bartlett, Creative Director, Foundation for Community Dance
The focus: intercultural dialogue
What is cultural dialogue?
Ken Bartlett on the Foundation for Community Dance's recent thinking
Ethnicity and community dance
Jane Scott Barrett, Director of Ludus Dance, challenges us to reconsider our approach to ethnicity, dance forms, and community dance
An evolving dance dialogue
Cecilia Macfarlane, in conversation with Ruth Pethybridge, discusses the differences and the commonality in the dancers she works with
These City Streets
David Martin describes a three year programme of dance and music that has built a better understanding of cultural difference and mutual respect amongst young people in Manchester
Come and join the dance; young people, dance and diversity
Celia Greenwood, Director of WAC Performing Arts and Media College describes how it promotes diversity of dance, dances and dancers
Intercultural dialogue without words: all in the games
Bill Harpe Co-Director of The Blackie/Great Georges Community Cultural Project in Liverpool describes a workshop-based approach to facilitating intercultural dialogue
To Glasgow... With Love
Natasha Gilmore describes an initiative that brought together the dances of refugees and asylum seekers with those of the established residents of Maryhill to produce To Glasgow....With Love
Buildings That Breathe: A case study in community development and engagement
Thomas Wildish recounts Derby Dance's year-long project in the Normanton district of Derby that aimed to use dance to bring together its diverse communities
Dance City: embracing diversity
Janet Archer, Chief Executive and Artistic Director of Dance City in Newcastle, reflects on the influences that fed into the development of a diversity strategy that works for them
Action in Namibia: a shared experience
Wieke Eringa, Director of Education and Learning at Northern Ballet Theatre shares her experience of dance working alongside an HIV and AIDS education programme in Namibia
Marks in time: age, agility and anxiety
Age, agility and anxiety - dilemmas of the ageing process upon the mature dancer
Debbie Lee-Anthony reflects on her creative practice as a mature dancer, drawing upon extracts of interviews with other mature professional artists
Love and authenticity in the age of anxiety - dance and ageing
Chitra Sundaram, Bharatanatyam dance artist and editor of the magazine PULSEdance - South Asian Dance in the UK, reflects on our ageing as dancers
Policy and politics
Mind is as in motion
Dance Artist Gill Clarke reflects on the mindfulness of the dancing body
The interview
A compelling combination
Celeste Dandeker, Artistic Director CandoCo - the first professional dance company in the UK specialising in the integration of disabled and non-disabled dancers - talks with Scilla Dyke