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Playlist for Early Years dance

Some of our network members share their well-loved music tracks for early years dance.


Abby Page

Abby is passionate about inclusivity and collaboration, and she delights in encouraging artistic partnerships between dancers of all ages. Abby has given us her top 10 tried and tested tracks for dance for early years. A gorgeous mix of bouncy, rhythmical, characterful, music from around the world that inspires creativity in little ones and brings joy.

In Cahoots Early Years playlist


 Olly Otley

Olly is a community dance artist and Forest School leader based in Hackney, London. She started dancing outside during the Covid lockdowns and soon decided to share her practice with young children and their grown-ups in a tiny local woodland. Her Wild Things sessions are about connecting with nature and with each other through playful and creative movement. Her sessions explore trees, leaves, weather, sounds, patterns and stories, whatever the weather.

Notes on the playlist: Each week Wild Things follows a similar arc. We begin gently in a circle before raising our pulses with some travelling and shape-making. There is usually time after that to explore elements of the woodland independently, followed by some partner work movement ideas, maybe a fun group game or barn dance, and a calming cool-down all together.

This playlist follows that arc with tracks from some of my favourite artists.

EYDN Wild Things dancing outdoors playlist


 Skye Reynolds/Starcatchers

Skye is an Edinburgh-based movement artist, maker & mother. She is currently researching a participatory performance for young children entitled ‘Out of the Box,' supported by Starcatchers & Citymoves. This work draws upon the creative potential of environments for early years, with loose parts play & schema as keys for connection & expression. Skye’s practice is multi-artform & responsive, drawing inspiration from contact/ improvisation, dance and theatre.

With a passion for facilitating creative experiences, Skye's accessible workshops are for children, families, artists & early years professionals. She's an Associate Artist with Starcatchers, an Infant Developmental Movement Educator (The School of Body-Mind Centering) and was an early years specialist with Little Big Dance. Skye’s playlist is a colourful mix for dance & improvisation with young children.

Dance and Play 2023 playlist