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Global Majority Heritage Activity & Activism

Here at People Dancing, our current approach to dancers, teaching artists and community practitioners involved in community dance who are of global majority heritage/people who experience racism stems from our Black Lives Matter statement of 2020 with its emphasis on

  • Being actively anti-racist
  • Recognising intersectionality
  • Striving to be inclusive
  • Building genuine relationships in order to stay in ongoing dialogue with those most affected to build understanding
  • Ensuring we acknowledge, amplify and celebrate the contribution of people of global majority heritage to participatory dance practice.

We have in place some structures and programmes that contribute to a more equitable dance profession and know we have more to do particularly regarding ethnic diversity. There are parallels with our organisation’s broader - and ongoing - fight of many years for inclusion and dance involving disabled people, and dialogue about equality, equity and diversity within dance, the arts and in society.

Some of our work goes on in the background, without fanfare or ego: what we refer to as ‘quiet work’ for long-term change. It may not be immediately visible, but it is always going on.

We hope visiting our website will be just the start of your People Dancing journey; a portal to whichever of our artistic programmes interest you and where we hope you will always feel welcome. We hope you will find YOUR community here, within our community – so we can go on serving community and participatory dance better, together, honouring all the aspects of who we and each other are in dance, the arts and in the world.

Louise Katerega

Head of Professional Development, People Dancing

REACH! Network and how to get involved
People Dancing’s REACH! Network launched in May 2022 for dancers with a participatory or community practice, teaching artists and community practitioners of global majority heritage/who experience racism. Led by People Dancing’s Head of Professional Development, Louise Katerega, it aims to support, connect, network knowledge, and celebrate successes together. 

Sign up to the REACH! Network mailing list here

F-ing Good Provocation Zine

F-ing Good Provocation is a zine (project as well as a practice) that celebrates the 20 artists of East and Southeast Asian diaspora involved, who live, create and contribute to the vibrant arts landscape of the UK and beyond.

It was a glimpse into the constellations of 40 conversations with 20 artists of the East and Southeast Asian diasporas in the UK on race, racism and injustices. The Provocation offers a portal into the lived experiences of the artists alongside the emotional and mental labour, and, at times, trauma that come with these

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People Dancing Membership

Join with us and learn from us with People Dancing Memberships. If you are of global majority heritage and active in community and participatory dance, help us progress our anti-racism journey by joining as an individual member.

Find out more about Individual Membership

And if you are a performance company we can help with bespoke advice and support on embedding anti-racist practice as part of our Organisational Membership.

Find out more about Organisational Membership

And if you are a college or university we can help with bespoke advice and support on embedding anti-racist practice as part of our Higher Education Membership.

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