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Promo by Hannah Broadway
Date posted: 30 April 2024
In this blog Kath Kimber-McTiffen talks about her new research & development project, Dance in the Dark and how she finds ways to continue to challenge and develop her own practice of making work for Early Years and families.
Date posted: 19 February 2024
In this blog, Suzanne Cantwell-Birkin of Off-Balance Dance reflects four weeks on from the launch of a new Dance with Parkinson’s class in Coventry… how she and co-director Alexis Haines are on a journey of learning together with their new and growing community of dancers…
Claire Pring, People Dancing's Summer Intensive 2023. Photo: Rachel Cherry.
Date posted: 06 November 2023
Whilst attending People Dancing's Summer Intensive, Dance Specialist, Claire Pring took some time to step back, view her practice and to mull, consider and ask herself some big questions.
Date posted: 18 May 2023
Kimberley Harvey and Ella Fleetwood talk about their experience of dancing in the public spaces and on the wards of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London from June 2022 to March 2023.
People Dancing Summer School. Photo: Rachel Cherry.
Date posted: 24 April 2023
A connected conversation for a dis-united nation. In this online conversation panellists discuss the specifics of the state of community dance as we navigate Brexit, the pandemic, war in Europe and the climate crisis.
Date posted: 20 April 2023
Sharon Scaniglia, manager of ArtsSpeak in Nottingham shares her appreciation of supporting artists, how creativity combats loneliness and her passionate belief in older age as an important time of rich self-expression. These come together for her in the magic of Cool Company, a gallery-based dance project for over 60s led by choreographer, Deane McQueen.
Date posted: 07 March 2023
A new blog from dance artist Hayley Guest at the beginning of an Early Years Action Research project called Move Play Create.
Date posted: 22 November 2022
In this blog Somerset based artist Hannah Lefeuvre talks about how the mindful art of weaving and gardening has influenced, and become intertwined with, her early years dance making and practice.
Date posted: 08 November 2022
The Place, home to London Contemporary Dance School, have launched a brand new course led by dance artist, facilitator and educator Jo Parkes which aims to bring together a global community of artists working locally with dance for social justice.
Date posted: 11 October 2022
Louise Katerega, People Dancing’s Associate Producer for Change and programmer of People Dancing in the Summer (PDiTS) in 2022, invites us into a moment that offers a window not just on what happened at PDiTS but what it felt like to be there.
Date posted: 27 September 2022
In the early Spring of 2022, Northeast based company Pelican Theatre, commissioned by Live Well & Dance with Parkinson’s Northeast steering group to created a piece for the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival. Here we find out more from some of the participants...
Date posted: 27 September 2022
Pelican Theatre's Pagan Hunt & Ellie Trow reflect on their experience of working with the Live Well & Dance with Parkinson’s Performance Collective and the co-creation of their work ‘Vallum Hadrani’ performed at The Sill, Northumberland for the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival.
Date posted: 27 September 2022
As a dance practitioner and person living with and around someone living with Parkinson's Sophie Lorimer reflects upon one of the richest learning experiences of her career.
Date posted: 22 September 2022
17 year old aspiring journalist and blogger Lola-May Owen-McKenna was a placement student at People Dancing in the Summer and experienced one of the busiest weeks in our year!
Date posted: 18 August 2022
A discussion and exploration of early years participatory dance practice in performance with Takeshi Matsumoto and Liz Clark, Associate Artist, Early Years, People Dancing. 
Date posted: 16 August 2022
Dance artist Angharad Harrop blogs about the new, exciting Curriculum for Wales, how it’s engendering a sense of belonging and what we can learn from it.
Date posted: 14 July 2022
Dr Sue Smith joins People Dancing as Chair and blogs for us about dance as a 21st Century lifesaver.
Date posted: 09 December 2021
At the end of 2021 dance artist Danielle Jones reflects upon a multidisciplinary programme for people with Parkinson’s that was experienced during pandemic times and shares her passion for co-creation, a sense of self and love!
Date posted: 19 November 2021
After a wide-ranging career, Marcia Edwards found herself rooted in Stourbridge, West Midlands and embraced this by forming ME Dance Company in 2017. Here, she shares her passion for honouring your roots, appreciating your journey, giving back and striving for more in the communities you come from, live in and want to build for the future.
Date posted: 24 September 2021
Join People Dancing’s Associate Producer for Change, Louise Katerega, for her top 10 signposts to People Dancing's resources to get you started on a happy, healthy teaching journey.
Date posted: 09 August 2021
Assistant Producer, Perspectives on Practice, Ciara Lynch looks back at the first season of People Dancing's programme of events, learning opportunities, discussion, networks and spaces for dancers, teaching artists, community practitioners and organisations to gather, (re)connect and share.
Date posted: 19 July 2021
In the midst of difference, dance artist, choreographer and writer Krystal S Lowe finds ways to forge different communities with countless cups of coffee and focused debate. Here, Krystal writes about finding the best ways to support each other no matter how unconventional that support may look.
Date posted: 18 June 2021
Whilst looking for alternative ways to navigate a lockdown, freelance artist, Melissa Pasut, discovered the Wales Wide Training Programme. Here she reflects upon her expectations, connections found and virtual interaction that removed geographical boundaries.
Date posted: 18 June 2021
The WWTP creates and connects a network of 19 organisations and 300 individuals working across Wales. Tracey Brown, Mentoring, Training, Development Leader at Rubicon Dance explains how the programme has responded to the pandemic and that there have been achievements that wouldn't have been possible pre-COVID.
Date posted: 18 June 2021
Independent dance artist and arts psychotherapist Cai Tomos addresses the physical, emotional and psychological demands brought by a pandemic and reflects upon finding spaces of connection and gaining perspective by being together with support from the Wales Wide Training Programme.
Date posted: 18 June 2021
A personal perspective from dance practitioner Heidi Wilson on the development of dance with people living with Parkinson’s in Wales through the Wales Wide Training Programme.
Date posted: 14 April 2021
Susie Tate, discovered a Cumbrian connection between former local Kate Swindlehurst, and current local Dave Little, about the value of dance for people living with Parkinson’s.
Date posted: 13 April 2021
Nia Williams of MuMo Creative reflects on co-leading the March edition of Perspectives on Practice: online adventures in dancing with Parkinson’s. The session was focused on sharing with artists and practitioners the use of narrative themes, character and music to enhance movement practice for people living with Parkinson’s
Photo: James Deacon.
Date posted: 13 April 2021
Paul Mayhew-Archer reflects on joining our Stretford, Greater Manchester online dance session in March 2021
Date posted: 07 December 2020
Freelance Dance Artist Adam Benjamin reflects upon his practice being hoovered up by a pandemic, saving the planet sliding off his agenda and the vitality of touch. He also offers a view into a wilderness, funded by dancers, that reflects a commitment to diversity - a dancers forest.
Photo: Jo Cone
Date posted: 07 December 2020
In the face of personal challenges and a world wide pandemic, and whilst staying true to her values, author Jo Cone now feels safe, secure and supported via five navigational points that she shares with us here.
Jo Verrent
Date posted: 02 October 2020
Unlimited's Senior Producer Jo Verrent chats about Unlimited's commissioning round that is open to disabled dance artists.
Photography: John Connatty
Date posted: 26 August 2020
The Tango Effect: Parkinson’s and the Healing Power of Dance was published during the COVID-19 pandemic, shortly after the country went into lockdown. Here, we are pleased to share recordings with you that were made by the author, Kate Swindlehurst, from March - July 2020.
Making a Move book cover
Date posted: 10 August 2020
In this hour-long webinar, that was held on Thursday 6 August, primary dance specialists Louise Jaggard, Claire Pring and Jo Cone share insights and examples from their new book 'Making a Move' as well as support artists preparing to re-start teaching in the Autumn.
Dance Photographer UK – Dani Bower
Date posted: 05 August 2020
Listen to dance artist Tamar Dixon talking about her Podcast series, ‘INSiGHTZ: An insight into your dance journey’: a series of interviews, personal stories, experiences and hot topics about dance.
Artwork by
Date posted: 29 July 2020
A film made with Cecilia Macfarlane and Kirstie Richardson. Made in the first few months of lockdown, this film was created as part of People Dancing’s Summer School 2020 Reimagined programme, an offering of online live and recorded webinars, practice sharings and short films.
Zoom discussion image
Date posted: 27 July 2020
Cheryl McChesney and Kiki Gale in conversation with artists, producers and dancers bringing together a range of perspectives on dance with people with lived experience of Parkinson's during lockdown.
Common Dance by Rosemary Lee.  Photo: Simon Weir
Date posted: 17 July 2020
Since the 1970s, director, choreographer and performer Rosemary Lee has created projects that revolve around the idea of building relationships and bringing communities together. Here she reflects upon what led her to share Common Dance again in 2020.
Marcia Edwards.
Date posted: 09 July 2020
People Dancing Associate Artist Louise Katerega in conversation with dancer and choreographer Marcia Edwards about her transition from dancer to setting up her own community dance company.
Peter Laycock
Date posted: 27 June 2020
Arts participation specialist Peter Laycock offers some thoughts around our new ability to deliver digitally and asks us to imagine what we could achieve in the future without the restrictions of lockdown
Black Lives Matter logo
Date posted: 26 June 2020
The Board and Staff of People Dancing stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement (including Black Lives Matter UK) in calling for an end to racist practices, systems and behaviours, inside and outside of the Arts.
Tom Hobden
Date posted: 05 June 2020
In this vlog for People Dancing Tom Hobden reflects on his experiences of developing participatory dance delivery online, using digital tools and the art of making a human connection.
Date posted: 05 June 2020
Creative Director and artist Kwesi Johnson on mindset, methodology and our ability to transition to teaching dance and movement online.
Dancers Yi Kwek, Stella Mcauly, Maria Evans and Kiera Sanderson. Photo: Sophie Jane Hughes
Date posted: 29 May 2020
Dr Ruth Pethybridge, Senior Lecturer, Dance, University of Falmouth and People Dancing Board member invites us, in a bid to articulate the value of our shared practice of dancing, to write a love letter to a lost dance
Photographer: Zoe Manders
Date posted: 13 May 2020
George Fellows, dance artist and Co-Artistic Director of Four Hands talks to Liz Clark, Associate Artist for Early Years, about maleness, nurturing and mental and physical health.
Kate Stanforth in conversation
Date posted: 29 April 2020
Professional disabled dance artists and practitioners: Kimberley Harvey, Joseph Issac Powell, Kate Stanforth, Kitty Fedorec and Laura Dajao talk about some of the issues being faced amid COVID-19
Kimberly Harvey
Date posted: 29 April 2020
A short film of dance artist Kimberly Harvey and People Dancing’s Director of Engagement Louise Wildish in conversation.
Iona Waite, Education Programme Manager at ACE Dance and Music and Board member of People Dancing
Date posted: 29 April 2020
Iona Waite, Education Programme Manager at ACE Dance and Music and Board member of People Dancing talks with independent dance artist and practitioner, Lucy Haighton about how to enable creative engagement during online dance class delivery.
Anna, Dylan and Catherine Zoom meet
Date posted: 16 April 2020
Join our Director of Learning, Anna Leatherdale in discussion with Dylan Quinn and Catherine Young about the challenges they have faced over the last few weeks of converting their regular classes as independent practitioners into online provision.
Jasmine Hall. Photo: Sara Hibbert, Danielle Teale Dance, Dancing with Parkinson's Programme
Date posted: 12 March 2020
People Dancing's Summer School 2020 is just around the corner and we spoke to Community Dance Artist and Young Practitioners Advisory Group member Jasmine Hall about the impact of getting a Young People's bursary and taking part last year
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