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Disability & Inclusion

The programme

The Disability and Inclusion programme aims to better support opportunities and representation of disabled people and underrepresented individuals who work in, and or participate in dance. By working alongside organisations and individuals, we strive to create a world that truly understands and envelopes equity, equality and diversity, and one that empowers and uplifts those who are excluded or face barriers in working or participating in dance.

Our programme of work aims to challenge perceptions, nurture advocacy and activism, and connect people together to support lasting change through learning and shared lived experiences. Our work over the years ensures that art is at the heart of what we do and in the stories that we support to be told. We have worked with hundreds of disabled and non disabled artists and organisations to help develop safer creative spaces where dance includes every body.

Louise Wildish, Head of Inclusion

Inclusion in Dance Network

The Inclusion in Dance Network (formerly 11 Million Reasons to Dance Network) is for anyone who currently works, or aims to work, with access and inclusion embedded into their dance practice, ensuring that there are sustained opportunities for disabled people to participate in dance. The network is always open to new members.

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