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To safeguard someone means to protect them from being harmed, or badly treated. In the context of community dance practice, we refer to safeguarding as the active process of protecting children and adults at risk, to provide an environment in which they can participate safely in any activity.

Safeguarding is vital to ensuring those you work with have a safe and positive experience. It should also be prioritised for your own safety and positive experience as an independent dance practitioner and a lone worker. 

Who is responsible for safeguarding?

Everyone is responsible for safeguarding, including anyone who works with or around children and/or adults at risk. As a dance practitioner, part of your responsibility is being able to respond safely and well if there is a problem or concern.

How do I apply safeguarding in my daily practice?

  • Think of the ways you will risk assess your activities and classes with the types of groups you work with
  • Implement and maintain up to date procedures designed to minimise risk and prevent harm
  • Create a safeguarding policy to underpin those procedures applied alongside your daily risk assessment*

People Dancing resources

  • People Dancing membership offers a range of benefits and access to resources to help you fully consider your practice
  • Legal compliance information - includes several sections about safeguarding (members only)
  • Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) - information on DBS checks and which types of work require checking including how to apply for an Enhanced DBS check for work with children/young people and/or adults at risk
  • Professional Code of Conduct  - enables dance professionals to be clear and upfront about how they go about their work, and the expectations people can have of them in terms of their professional behaviour, actions and attitudes.

Other resources

Developing your safeguarding

Here, Membership Development Manager and safeguarding lead at People Dancing, Shelley Trevelyan offers some guidance and support in relation to safeguarding.

Date posted: 13 December 2019

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