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Live Well & Dance with Parkinson's

About our programme

Live Well & Dance with Parkinson's will make a positive impact on the lives of people living with Parkinson's and of those of their families, loved ones and carers through dance activity, cultural experiences, and community connection. The programme will enrich lives through creative dance experiences, offer greater connectivity with community & peers and aim to embed legacy and sustainability through our networks and partnerships.

At its heart, Live Well & Dance with Parkinson’s aims to create access to new opportunities for dance and creativity in partnership with people living with Parkinson’s. Across 6 locations in England (Birmingham & West Midlands, Bristol, Carlisle/North Cumbria, Leicester/Shire, Manchester/Greater Manchester, the Northeast), dance and cultural activity will be planned and delivered locally through area steering groups. These groups will establish greater connectivity between people across community & peers, organisations, cultural venues, and dance artists to create legacy and sustainability.

Whilst activity will respond to need on a local level the programme will also have a national and international impact across partnership development and programmes of workforce development through artist training, networking and research.

Throughout the programme we will consistently share approaches for increasing access to activity and networks in the wider context of ‘Living Well’ through dance.

Yaël Owen-MckennaProgramme Director for Live Well & Dance with Parkinson’s