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Celebrating World Parkinson’s Day in the North East

Date posted: 12 October 2023

Dancer Eve Walker reflects upon her placement with the Live Well & Dance with Parkinson's performance group and how it solidified her work priorities and showed her the real power dance can hold and the impact it can have on individuals’ lives.

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Vallum Hadriani

Date posted: 27 September 2022

In the early Spring of 2022, Northeast based company Pelican Theatre, commissioned by Live Well & Dance with Parkinson’s Northeast steering group to created a piece for the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival. Here we find out more from some of the participants...

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Strength and fragility

Date posted: 27 September 2022

Pelican Theatre's Pagan Hunt & Ellie Trow reflect on their experience of working with the Live Well & Dance with Parkinson’s Performance Collective and the co-creation of their work ‘Vallum Hadrani’ performed at The Sill, Northumberland for the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival.

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The freedom that dancing can offer

Date posted: 27 November 2019

Dr. Sara Houston has led prize winning research, speaks internationally on the subject and has just published a book, 'Dancing with Parkinson's' where she illustrates the freedom that dancing can offer to people

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Pepperland and beyond

Date posted: 01 May 2019

Dance artist and writer Kate Swindlehurst reflects upon her experience of the opening night of Mark Morris Dance Group’s UK Pepperland tour and the next day Dance for people living with Parkinson's - Looking ahead: a one-day interactive symposium at Sadler’s Wells, London in March 2019 

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Tango in lockdown: The tango effect

The Tango Effect: Parkinson’s and the Healing Power of Dance explores the remarkable impact of Argentine tango on the experience of living with Parkinson’s. The book was published during the COVID-19 pandemic, shortly after the country went into lockdown.

Here, we are pleased to share recordings with you that were made by the author, Kate Swindlehurst, from March - July 2020:

“The months that followed, strange for all of us and fraught with challenge and grief for many, were thrown into sharp relief for me by the month-by-month structure of The Tango Effect. I thought it might be interesting to share extracts from the book for the key months of the crisis: a kind of Tango Lockdown Story.”

Please note: these recording are available to both People Dancing Members AND non-members.

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Dance with Parkinson’s roundtable discussion

This 90-minute roundtable discussion is co-curated and facilitated by Cheryl McChesney (Freelance Dance Artist) and co-curated and chaired by Kiki Gale (Project Director, Living Well with Parkinson’s).

The conversation with artists, producers and dancers brings together a range of perspectives on dance with people with lived experience of Parkinson's during lockdown.  

Contributors share personal stories, give honest and insightful accounts of their experiences, speak candidly about the loss and challenges posed by life in lockdown, and consider some of the positive possibilities and joys brought about in these changing times.

To accompany this recording there are also some additional signposts to films and resources that you may find useful.

Please note: this film is available to both People Dancing Members AND non-members.

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