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Animated magazine articles

Animated Edition - Winter 2023: My East is not your East

Independent Dance Artist, Jane Chan invites us all into a ’questioning practice’ about who we are and where we speak from, that we might move beyond simply not offending to understanding, care and respect.

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Animated Edition - Winter 2023: Leaving a positive imprint

What, from our earliest dance experiences, stays with us to the other side of our professional training? Ashley Jordan, Artistic Director of Coventry-based Ascension Dance, shines a light on the youth dancer he was to illuminate the professional he has become – one with a passion to both replicate and grow dance opportunities for the next generation in his home city.

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Animated Edition - Summer 2020: The practice behind the ‘practice’

What is this elusive thing we call our 'practice’, our 'voice'? Do you find it, or does it find you? How do you grow it, with whom and for how long? Is it a case of a flash of inspiration or commitment over time? And when is it ready to pass it on? Vicki Igbokwe, choreographer, movement director, facilitator and founder of Uchenna Dance tells us about her own journey and the value of taking the time you need and savouring and learning from each step you take.

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