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The Space commission
In January 2018, People Dancing was commissioned by The Space to develop the online presence of 11 Million Reasons to Dance images and project aims. A series of short films went out on social media, along with a press and marketing campaign to raise the profile of the work. The main aim was to put access and inclusion at the heart of the work, with multi layered approaches and considerations in making digital work as accessible as possible.

The aim of the commission was to bring to life the 2d images and share with an audience outside of the dance sector. The adaption from 2d to 3d was embedded in access with audio description being the starting point of the creative process, closely followed by subtitling. This challenging and rewarding project worked alongside Orange Fox studios to create 3 short visual stories.

For more information on the creative process, read our blog from Louise Wildish, Head of Inclusion.

The three short films below, inspired by: Black Swan, Chicago and Singin' in the Rain, commissioned by The Space and created by People Dancing, aim to give an inclusive experience - whilst the three works aren't fully audio described in a traditional way, audio description has been the starting point and main influence for the completed works. 

The films in this commission also include a short promotional trailer and audio description.
Inspired by Black Swan

Inspired by Chicago

Inspired by Singin' in the Rain