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Tree Time
27 June 2021 - 22 October 2021
Tree Time was part of Perspectives on Practice - People Dancing's online programme of artist-led events and learning opportunities, discussion and debate, networks and spaces to gather, (re)connect and share that ran throughout 2021 as our profession and the communities we work with began to focus on recovery, and beyond to rejuvenation.

Tree Time was an invitation to give dancers time to experience their relationship with trees in a new way, guided by a written score.

Helen Poynor provided People Dancing with a written score, that emerged out of her work with movement in natural environments, which dancers were invited to undertake outside in an environment which Helen describes. Dancers then chose to follow the score on their own, either at the same time as other dancers or at a time of their own choosing.

This was a non-digital activity as part of the Perspectives on Practice programme. The aim of the activity was to enable dancers to:

  • get in touch with the natural environment
  • explore new ways of moving / thinking / feeling
  • dance at the same time in different locations / settings / environments / parts of the world
  • share their experiences (if they chose to do so).

As a way of reaching across time and space and of being in each other’s company while participating in the score, People Dancing invited dancers to participate at a time of their own choosing.

If dancers that participated in Tree Time wished to do so they could share their experience by emailing People Dancing with drawings, or extracts of writing that they made at the end of their experience. These were then shared with other participants via People Dancing's website.

Shared Tree Time experiences

Below you will find the notes on participation and Helen Poynor's Tree Time score.