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People Dancing and Protein launch 'People Dancing: Together'
Date posted: 14 November 2017
Dance partners announce new programme of participatory dance, culminating in an annual international performance.
Border Tales - Protein. Photo ©Jane Hobson
Building on the legacy of successful previous collaborations, People Dancing and dance company Luca Silvestrini's Protein are to forge even closer links after announcing a four-year partnership.

Focused on the simple but intensely human activity of people dancing together the two companies will create an ambitious programme of participatory dance with the aim of engaging the general public in creating and performing dance with friends and families, and in diverse communities across the world.

Over a four-year period from 2018 to 2022, People Dancing: Together will deliver a programme that includes:

A public campaign to generate greater public engagement in dance through the public performance events and the open availability of choreographic resources
An annual celebratory international performance day, starting in 2019
Resources for worldwide use by dance leaders, teachers and practitioners
International collaboration and cultural exchange through participatory dance, offering specific connections between UK-based artists and practice
An online platform, tools and resources for teachers and partner organisations.

Speaking at the launch of People Dancing: Together, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Protein Luca Silvestrini said: “We are very excited to partner with People Dancing and to build on the mass participation work we started with Big Dance. We will be working with artists, teachers and communities across the country and look forward to engaging all and everyone in turning their everyday lives into extraordinary dance.”

Chris Stenton, Executive Director of People Dancing, added: “We’re really thrilled to work with Protein on People Dancing: Together, a long-time friend and collaborator in changing perceptions of what dance is and who dances. The programme unites what our organisations do – great dance, and great opportunities for participation in dance – in a really creative and fun programme that we hope everyone can see themselves within.”

The programme was launched at an event for local dance artists and supporters ahead of a performance of Protein’s critically acclaimed Border Tales at Curve, Leicester. Further details of People Dancing: Together will be made available in summer 2018.

Photo: Border Tales, Protein  ©Jane Hobson