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How People Dancing's Summer School changes careers
Date posted: 26 April 2017
Dance practitioner and People Dancing member Chloe Wilmot attended her first People Dancing Summer School, last year. Here Chloe blogs to explain why she’s booked herself on for three training sessions at Summer School 2017 (25-28 July)…
Chloe Wilmot
I've been dancing my whole life. It’s a passion that flared within me from a very young age, and when the time came to choose my career path, I couldn't think of anything I'd rather do. Dancing has brought me so much joy over the years, it seemed only right to try and pass that joy on to others, in the hope of bringing happiness and maybe even inspiring children and young people the way I was inspired when I was their age. I currently deliver dance classes in a variety of community settings in and around Peterborough, including schools and residential homes.

The wide variety of training that People Dancing offers really does suit everyone. As well as being a familiar friendly face on arrival, they are a team of helpful individuals, who are genuinely interested in the development of your practice, and offer a strong support network if ever you need them. I attend their training because they offer such a variety, especially in the week of their Summer School and I trust People Dancing to use experienced practitioners to deliver the training days. One day you could be swimming around pretending to be a penguin, learning about curricular dance, and the next you could be on the streets of Italy doing a Voice warm up in the Dance for Parkinson's training. The Summer School venue, De Montfort University, is also perfect, since Leicester isn't far for me to travel.

My career has now taken a very different path from the one I originally set out on. I believe this is down to a spark of interest generated by a People Dancing training course. Little did I know I'd have such a passion and enthusiasm to work with people from the older generations. After attending the training day on Older People Dancing at last year's Summer School, with Diane Amans, I realised I wanted to work more with older people. Since then, I have set up Movement to Music sessions in my area and added this to my repertoire. I am currently circulating around 10 different residential homes and hope to expand this even further. I have booked on to three training days at the 2017 Summer School (25-28 July) because I find them so valuable to my delivery; they also open up new windows of opportunity for me within my own practice. 

Striving to deliver sessions that are up to date and enjoyable should be at the top of anyone's list when working in this profession. Participating in training days put on by People Dancing is reassuring because it ensures that what you are delivering is of a high standard. These high quality training opportunities also mean you can venture out and learn new things in areas of dance and movement that you maybe haven't experienced before, but have always held your interest. People Dancing has given me the support and confidence to try something new within the art of dance, and I have since been able to expand my practice in ways I would never have imagined. 

Chloe Wilmot
Independent dance practitioner
Fb: CDC - Chloe's Dance Company

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