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Paul Hamlyn Foundation: Evaluation Resource Pack
The Paul Hamlyn Foundation Evaluation Resource Pack has been written for frontline workers and volunteers in the voluntary sector to help with evaluating their work
Paul Hamlyn Foundation: Education Resouce Pack, 2007. Front Cover
The Paul Hamlyn Foundation (PHF) is one of the larger independent grant-making foundations in the UK. Established in 1987 it has always been committed to enabling individuals to achieve their potential, with a particular emphasis on children, young people and others who are disadvantaged.

Through its grant making and the extra support it gives to the organisations that apply for, or receive, funding, the Foundation aims to encourage the sharing of ideas, knowledge and leadership. Enabling the organisations it supports to take risks and try new approaches is equally important to the Foundation.

This pack has been developed with these objectives in mind.

The Pack...
It will show you that there is a lot more to evaluation than simply totting up the numbers. The pack emphasises the importance of capturing and documenting the personal development of the people you work for and gives you plenty of ideas about how to do so.

The pack also encourages you to involve those you work for and your partners in planning, recording and assessing what you’ve done, to give them a genuine stake in the work.

Finally, PHF hope the pack gives you the tools to show and promote the value of what you do to others in the field and to the people you want to influence.

This is not intended to be the absolute authority of evaluation. The approach and methods described are weighted towards the participatory, consistent with the approach taken by the Foundation in evaluating its Fund for Refugee and Asylum Seeker Young People (2003—2007).

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation: Evaluation Resource Pack can be downloaded below as a PDF, hard copies are available for purchase.

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