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Safe and Effective Dance Practice
The following resources have been identified to help practitioners develop their knowledge and skills in relation to safe and effective dance practice.
Safe and Effective Dance Practice

The following courses are offered on a regular basis by these institutions. Contact the institutions directly for further information.
  • Warming Up and Cooling Down, Dance UK
  • Nutrition for Dancers, Jasmine Challis, Dance UK
  • Fluids for Dancers, Jane Griffin, Dance UK
  • Muscle Imbalance, Rachele Quested, Dance UK
  • Burn Out in Dance, Dr Yiannis Koutadakis, Dance UK
  • How to Have Healthy Bones, Valerie Sayce, Dance UK
  • Care of the Instrument, Tony Geeves, Dance UK
  • Dancers Physical Therapy Questions Answered, Dance UK
  • Pregnancy and the Dancer, Ed. Francesca McCoid, Dance UK
  • Dance Teaching and Learning: Shaping Practice, Sanders,L. (Ed), Youth Dance England.
The International Association of Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS) has in-depth papers on a wide range of aspects of safe and effective dance practice.