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Perspectives on Practice

Perspectives on Practice is People Dancing's online programme of artist-led events and learning opportunities, discussion and debate, networks and spaces to gather, (re)connect and share. Perspectives on Practice began in 2021 in response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic as our profession and the communities we work with focussed on recovery, and beyond to rejuvenation.

Please note:

  • Closed captioning (CC) / live transcription is available at all our online events and will display speech as text on the screen, as it occurs. Please indicate on the booking form if you would like to access closed captions during the event you are booking onto
  • If you have booked onto an event but can no longer attend we ask that you let us know so we can release the place to someone else as our events sell out and we run waiting lists. No-shows at three events means that in future we reserve the right to prioritise others on any future booking you make.

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Tuesday 31 May 2022, 11:00 - 12:30

Perspectives on Practice: How do we bring our full selves into our practice?

Image credit: Manon Ouimet (featuring dance artists Susanna Dye and Danni Spooner for STIMMING R&D).

In this online workshop, Susanna Dye will share how starting from the question ‘how can we bring our full selves into our practice?’ has opened up their ongoing research process, STIMMING R&D. This process explores self-regulating movement patterns, known as stimming movements, and is shifting Susanna’s experience from one of shame to one of curiosity and care, around the ways of moving that feel vital and familiar to them.

As such, Susanna will begin this session by sharing the principles of practice that have been formed – and the questions they are left with – as a result of exploring dance as a space to be in dialogue with our shifting physical, emotional and sensorial needs.

Then, the workshop will unfold as a space for dialogue and exchange to share ways in which we might support our full selves being present in our practice: how might this affect the forms, aesthetics and processes we work within, and how might this challenge the social norms and cultures that create access barriers we experience within and beyond dance?

This workshop is only for artists who identify as disabled or neurodivergent.

This Zoom event is free of charge to People Dancing Members and £5.00 for non-members.

This event has been postponed

Booking deadline: Midday Thursday 26 May 2022.

Thursday 16 June 2022, 11:00 - 12:30

Perspectives on Practice: Taking (bank) notes: Pay parity for arts and cultural workers

Image credit: Ashleigh Bowmott and Laura Sweeney, The Uncultured

In this online session, The Uncultured (Ashleigh Bowmott and Laura Sweeney) will share provocations and useful information on how we could shift the balance of pay disparity between freelance and salaried workers, and how we can all ask for things that might improve our working conditions.

This Zoom event is free of charge to People Dancing Members and £5.00 for non-members.

Book your place here

Booking deadline: Midday Tuesday 14 June 2022.

>   About Ashleigh Bowmott and Laura Sweeney

Ash is an arts producer and facilitator who has made a purposeful choice to integrate the politics and practicalities of work and life. She combines work as an artist, curator, producer and educator as a vehicle for developing methodologies of care and resistance. She has a PhD in collaborative artistic practices, which considers the intersectionality of creating artworks between peoples, species and levels of sentience. Ash has delivered talks, workshops and artworks worldwide.

Laura is a creative producer and facilitator with a focus on creating strategies for new work, infrastructure and sustainability, with artist development at the core. She works with artists in a holistic way, ensuring that care is embedded in their shared practice. Until January 2021, Laura was Deputy Chair of the Board for Home Live Art. Throughout 2019-20, she was part of the British Council GENERATE programme that connected UK and US producers, curators and programmers. She was also a recipient of a Jerwood bursary to focus on training opportunities.