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New insurance benefits from April 2019

People Dancing is happy to announce an improved package of insurance benefits for Professional Individual Members from Bluefin Sport.


New insurance benefits from 1st April 2019 will include:

  • Employers Liability cover for £10Million
  • Equipment cover of up to £500
  • Public Liability cover for an indemnity of £10Million in respect of professional performances for earnings from this up to £15k per annum
  • Pilates cover for occasional work included as standard (where this is not the main focus of work).


These will be in addition to your existing benefits which include:

  • Civil Liability cover, including Public Liability and Professional Indemnity up to £10Million
  • Personal Accident cover
  • Legal Expenses Helpline.

We are delighted to offer this unique range of benefits for all renewing Professional Individual Members for just £88 for renewals made by 31 March 2019.

For people wishing to join as a new member from 1 April 2019, the cost is £88 plus a one-off joining fee of £10. Insurance benefits are provided to individuals earning up to £50k from their dance work.


Speaking about the new insurance package, Bluefin’s Head of Sport – England & Wales, Daniel Thompson said;

We are honoured to be appointed by People Dancing to become their insurance and risk management brokers and we are looking forward to working together to continue to offer a high level of service with quality products. We have provided People Dancing with a meaningful insurance product which now includes wider benefits as standard. This is a fantastic opportunity for both Bluefin Sport and People Dancing and we are delighted to be working together.”

Bluefin Sport demonstrate their knowledge and expertise working with a large number of National Governing Bodies, such as The FA and The British Wheel of Yoga. For more information about Bluefin Sport visit:


All improved benefits come into effect from 1 April 2019. We'll contact all Professional Individual Members to renew from the 14th February 2019 to meet the deadline of 31 March 2019.


New insurance benefits FAQ's

Please see below a range of frequently asked questions concerning the insurance benefits provided through Professional Individual Membership.

If your question is not listed here or you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please contact our insurance brokers, Bluefin Sport on T: 0345 872 5060 or E:


1. Are 'substitutions' automatically covered if I am ill/on holiday?
No, any person who will be taking classes/sessions/courses in your absence should have a policy in their own name to protect them against claims for negligence whilst providing coaching/tuition/advice.

2. What does annual turnover mean?
Annual Turnover is what you earn from your dance work each year before you pay out for anything such as hall hire, wages, rent etc.

3. What is the total amount (turnover) I can earn from dancing?
Firstly, turnover is the total amount of income you receive from dance activities, whether that is teaching, performance work or other related activities. The most you can earn and still be covered by the insurance is £50,000. Out of the £50,000 the maximum you can earn from professional performances is £15,000.

4. Does this insurance cover me for my Somatics and Mind Body Centring work?
Yes, providing you adhere to the People Dancing Professional Code of Conduct.

5. Does this insurance cover me for my Pilates work?
Yes, providing you adhere to the People Dancing Professional Code of Conduct.

6. Is Employers' Liability cover for those engaging employees, assistants, volunteers and/or other artists on an occasional basis, such as helping out with a project, performance or workshop?
Yes. This is now included from 1st April 2019 as standard.

7. Will this cover me for the musical theatre class I run at the weekends?
If the class is part of your regular dance work then yes. If you are teaching musical theatre exclusively then no.

8. Will it cover my group dance performance?
Yes, where this performance is specifically related to your dance work, for example a regular class or workshop that culminates in a performance.

9. Will I be covered for my paid professional performances?
Yes, subject to your turnover from this specific activity not exceeding £15,000 per annum.

10. Can I join on the scheme later in the year as I don't need insurance yet?

Yes certainly. There are 3 periods of joining, please see the membership/joining page for further info on this. All Professional Individual Memberships will be due for renewal by 31 March each year.

11. Will this insurance cover me for teaching dance in Europe or the rest of the world?
Yes, the protection does cover you for teaching worldwide, but there are exceptions in USA and Canada, so please refer direct to brokers, Bluefin Sport in those cases. Cover is subject to UK jurisdiction meaning any claims must be brought in a UK court.

12. Does this insurance cover me for teaching Zumba?
Yes, as long as it's clear that the cover for Zumba dance work excludes cover for aerobics and/or any Zumba work with weights.

13. What is the extent of the Liability cover?
The Liability cover provides insurance for legal liability following Negligence / Nuisance / Trespass. Unlike other liability insurances, it not only covers Public Liability (where you are liable for injury or damage to other persons or their property), but also includes cover for the following which are excluded from other providers standard covers:

  • Professional Indemnity for injury following advice (e.g. during coaching / instruction)
  • Libel and Slander Liability following something you might have said or written down (including web sites/emails etc.)

14. I have a couple of teachers working with me, does this insurance cover them too?
No. Liability protection covers the named individual only. Your teachers would each need their own insurance. However if you are a limited company with those teachers in your employment, please refer to our brokers, Bluefin Sport for advice on a suitable policy.

15. Am I covered in ‘team teach’ classes?
You are covered if both/all teachers are insured for their dance work. If the teacher you are working with doesn’t have cover, then you would be covered for your actions but they will not be covered.

16. Does this insurance include buildings and contents cover?
No. Please refer to our brokers, Bluefin Sport for advice in respect of buildings insurance.

17. Am I covered for any personal equipment used during my work?

Yes, from 1 April 2019 your membership insurance will extend to include personal equipment used in connection with your work up to £500. Cover will be on an “all risks” basis anywhere in the UK. Cover extends to include laptops and tablets, however, mobile phones are not covered under the personal equipment cover. (An excess of £150 applies).

18. Does the Personal Accident cover insure me for loss of earnings?

Specific injuries are covered by the Personal Accident policy, and a benefit is payable should you suffer such an injury. A temporary total disablement benefit is provided if you are not able to undertake your People Dancing recognised/authorised work due to this injury.

19. I paid for membership with insurance but I no longer need it, can I get my money back or a refund?
Refunds are not offered for any membership with People Dancing. This is detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

20. Is it possible to arrange short term insurance cover through Professional Individual Membership?

No. People Dancing offers insurance as a benefit of membership and therefore it runs for the duration of membership.

21. Does the insurance cover include medical expenses?

Subject to a successful claim being made against you for which cover is provided, the intention of the policy would be that medical expenses incurred by the claimant/injured party (as determined within the settlement of the claim) are included. As this is a liability policy, your own medical expenses would not be included within the cover. In addition to the Liability cover provided, a Personal Accident policy is included for members. This provides benefits for particular injuries YOU may suffer whilst undertaking the recognised/authorised activities of People Dancing.

22. Is there a 'cooling off' period for the scheme?
No. People Dancing offers insurance protection through insurance brokers, Bluefin Sport as a benefit of membership. People Dancing are not regulated brokers selling insurance.

23. How do I make a claim?
Please contact Bluefin Sport directly on either:-
T: 0345 872 5060
Bluefin Sport will handle the claim from start to finish to ensure the claim is handled correctly.

24. I have more specific questions about the policy and cover. Who should I speak to?
Please contact Bluefin Sport for all insurance related enquires as People Dancing are not authorised to provide any insurance related advice.
T: 0345 872 5060
If you have any questions relating to the disciplines and activities that are covered by the People Dancing insurance policy, please contact People Dancing directly, and they will answer any technical queries.