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Animated Edition - Spring 2018
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Focus on: Dancing together and living together


We’re very happy to bring you this Spring 2018 edition of Animated. It features some new voices and contributors, as well a couple of familiar faces, who share their current thinking, programmes and practices. They offer some challenges and provocations too.

I'm grateful to all our contributors but would like to particularly thank Caroline Bowditch for both her writing – a parting gift – and especially for her 13 years’ outstanding service as a Trustee of People Dancing.

Our contributors are all very different, but they share a passion for the connection and intersection between dance and people. I’m writing this introduction having spent a day in the company of colleagues within a strategic network for participatory arts. Again, we’re all very different – as individuals and organisations, and in terms of artforms - but we share a common ambition for better participatory arts. This ambition is deeply rooted in our individual and collective values.

And so, by way of a longer-than-usual intro to the magazine, this feels like a good moment to share with you People Dancing’s refreshed purpose, organisational and artistic values, as well as a sense of our plans and priorities for 2018 – 2022.

Continued in People Dancing: looking to the future below >>

Chris Stenton
Executive Director, People Dancing


In this issue
People Dancing Glasgow conference 2017. Photo: Rachel Cherry.
People Dancing: looking to the future
Continued >>  People Dancing’s refreshed purpose, organisational and artistic values, as well as a sense of our plans and priorities for 2018 – 2022. 
Caroline Bowditch (right). Photo: Matthew Andrews
What am I leaving in my wake?
Caroline Bowditch is a performance artist and choreographer, and between 2005-18 a Trustee of People Dancing. She is leaving the UK to take up the role of Executive Director at Arts Access Victoria. Surrounded by boxes, and in preparation for her return to Australia, she pauses for a moment to reflect on the last 16 years and what an adventure it’s been 
Movement, Narratives and Meanings. Photo: Adesola Akinleye
Border identities
Dance Artist Dr Adesola Akinleye reports on how a pilot project, Movement, Narratives and Meanings, used dance and film to voice the stories of people living next to the Northern Ireland / north of Ireland border, following the vote for ‘Brexit’
Johnny Autin, A Positive Life. Photo: Donata Kukyté.
A positive life
Choreographer Johnny Autin opens up about living with HIV and his ambitions to make an impact with audiences and communities
Paula Turner, Leverhulme artist in residence project. Photo: Iain Garrett
Here you are, are you here?
Leverhulme artist in residence(1) Paula Turner has spent the last 10 months in the department of Geography, Politics and Sociology at Newcastle University exploring movement and embodiment through space, drawing on geographical metaphors concerning internal weather, the landscapes of the body and the spatialities of awareness
Sandra Golding, Dance and Well-being class, mac. Photo: Kate Green.
Vital practice
Louise Katerega talks to Birmingham-based Sandra Golding and discovers how she keeps life in her dance practice and dance practice in her life
Participants, Men! Dancing! Photos: Jennie Hale.
Is there a gender play gap?
Artistic director Karen Gallagher MBE and community dance artist Jennifer Hale have been looking at their dance practice at Merseyside Dance Initiative to see how they can adapt and develop their work with different community groups. As they piloted a new project, Men! Dancing! they asked themselves – what role does gender play in influencing their choreographic choices? Karen, boldly, takes up the story… 
Tanz die Toleranz, Project 2012, choreographer: Romy Kolb. Photo: Laurent Ziegler.
If you can dance together, you can live together
Edith Wolf Perez, editor of the webzine, retraces the history and celebrates the remarkable achievements of Tanz die Toleranz (Dance the Tolerance), in Vienna, Austria
11 Million Reasons to Dance, inspired by the stage performance in the film The Full Monty. Photo: Se
Exploring impact and conditions for success
People Dancing’s 11 Million Reasons to Dance strategic touring project took place between 2016-2018. Following its completion a full evaluation of the project was conducted, and the report is soon to be published. Here, Coventry University PhD candidate and evaluator, Kathryn Stamp, reflects on the development of the evaluation 
Emily-Rose Cluderay with participants, Stepping Out With My Baby. Photo: Steph Gore.
Creative practice as personal and professional recovery
We are never truly still, we are constantly moving, developing, expanding, growing… our bodies, our practice, our understanding. To do this takes time, awareness and a good amount of mistake-making. But what happens when you get stuck, the channels get blocked or the mistakes feel too big to overcome? Practitioner-researcher, Emily-Rose Cluderay reflects
‘Smoking ceremony’, Cathedral Square, Sydney. Photo: Elise Lockwood.
Big Dance Australia 2018
2018 signified Australia leading Big Dance for the first time – launching on International Dance Day and opening with a ‘smoking ceremony’ and a sea of thousands of people dancing together – Director, Michelle Silby hopes this is just the start
Participants (Ruthie Snider centre), NBS and Baycrest Sharing Dance with Seniors pilot programme. Ph
Living apart, dancing together
Lily Jackson, Development Officer, Donor Communications & Research on how Canada’s National Ballet School is using technology to help seniors in rural and geographically isolated locations age with confidence