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Dance for Parkinson's Online Learning Programme

This course prepares dance practitioners for the practical, in-person introductory and advanced workshops that constitute the primary components of a comprehensive training programme.

About the Course

Successful completion of the online course’s final assessment confers eligibility on dance practitioners to embark on the comprehensive training programme currently available through such training partners as People Dancing, Dance for PD®/Mark Morris Dance Group, Dance for Parkinson’s Australia, and Dancing With Parkinson’s Canada/Canada’s National Ballet School. The course also offers an excellent review for practitioners who’ve attended a workshop and need to brush up on their knowledge base.

Although the online course assessment may be taken independently, it is recommended that practitioners who wish to pursue further training complete both the online course and assessment.

This eight-unit programme is available for purchase online, at a standard price of £65 (approximately US $100) CLICK HERE or at a preferential rate of £55 (approximately US $85) CLICK HERE for members of Dance for PD® or People Dancing. Multi-user license are available for organisations at rates starting at £40 per person (approximately US $60). Please email for further information.

Once you have confirmed your purchase, we will provide you with login details to the online learning platform within five standard business days.

Contact Us

For further information, please email or call People Dancing on +44 (0)116 253 3453.
In the US or Canada, please call 1-800-957-1046.

"I am so happy with my online workshop. I have to congratulate the person who took the time to design that course... it is excellent! I am having a lot of fun doing it. It is perfect for me and it helps a lot as a dancer and creative teacher for children."

Caracas, Venezuela

"...the online class is very informative, helpful and accessible! The risk assessment section was especially helpful. I enjoyed the multiple people sharing what works for them as students, as well as the many teachers sharing their experiences and tips. Most of all, the unit dealing with designing and planning a class and exercises were the most helpful, since they presented options I would not otherwise think of. The online class is equally well suited, either as a precursor to in-person training or as a refresher after training, or even while teaching."

Laurie Bartels
Westchester, New York